Evaluating Resource Human Anatomy and Physiology

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EvaluatingResource: Human Anatomy and Physiology

EvaluatingResource: Human Anatomy and Physiology

Crediblesources provide reliable information that can be used for academic orresearch purposes. Some of the key characteristics of crediblesources include author(s) who have expertise in specific fields,number of years since the publication of the source, type of datacontained in the source, and the publisher among other features(Purdue University, 2015). This paper will evaluate the credibilityof the article “Thread: Human anatomy and physiology”.

Thereare three factors indicating that the article “Thread: Humananatomy and physiology” is not a credible source. First, the sourceis a forum, which means that it has been written by several authorswhose field of expertise is not known. This makes it difficult forreaders to determine whether the content of the source is reliable.For example, the second contributor (Trimidity) acknowledges thathuman anatomy and physiology is not his field of professional, whichmeans that the entire section that was written by the secondcontributor may not be reliable.

Secondly,the authors of the article provide their own information and do notdisclose the sources of the information they post on the site. Thisincreases chances for subjectivity, which imply that the article isnot scholarly and its content cannot be used for academic or researchpurposes.

Third,the article is an orphaned source since it has not been reviewed andauthors are not controlled by the publisher to determine therelevance as well as the credibility of what they post. For example,the third contributor focuses more on irrelevant ideas, includingmolecular biology, organic chemistry, and pharmacology.

Inconclusion, the credibility of a source depends on several factors,but the most important ones include the objectivity of the content,credibility of the authors, and peer review. The article “Thread:Human anatomy and physiology” lack all the three features, whichmake it an incredible sources.


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