Ethics Case Study

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EthicsCase Study

EthicsCase Study

of the situation and the Ethical Issue

Sarah,who received a promotion as a nurse manager, found herself oncrossroads. Earlier on she had enjoyed her practice as a nursebecause she possessed excellent care-delivery skills. She also hadknowledge about her leadership ability and so managed her affairswell as well as others’. As a leader, she chaired the practicalcouncil, had outstanding patient advocate and also was a preceptorexcellent charge nurse. All these posts she achieved despite the factthat she had only completed her BSN degree in the recent past. As apracticing nurse, she had enjoyed being a medical surgical nurse forover 10 years. She also served her patients with integrity andrespect.

Justafter her promotion, in a period of less than three months, hersupervisor was transferred to another state because the wife’sposition had been elevated. The supervisor had been a leader ofleaders. He mentored Sarah and had and recognized the staff’sstrength in their area of practice. This change of thingsdestabilized Sarah greatly. Sarah could have stood on her own much asher immediate supervisor offered moral and emotional support. Theproblem was that the present supervisor had a contrary opinion on howthings ought to run (Fowler &amp American Nurses Association, 2008).

TheEthical Dilemma

Thenew supervisor was very pessimistic and tried to manipulate policiesto the disappointment of both patients and staff. His focus was toattack Sarah and other staff from a point of their weaknesses.Instead of commending strengths in order to steer the staff forward,he criticized the positive career ethics and discouraged them fromusing them. This was contrary to the approach Sarah used both for hergood and that of the patients. On the other hand, it was required ofher ethically to cooperate with her new supervisor to enhance smoothrunning of the operations in the hospital. Unfortunately thesupervisor could not take her views about how she had run the affairsof the hospital some time back. On the other hand the direction fromthe supervisor was contrary to what a practicing nurse was expectedto do in her line of duty (Fowler &amp American Nurses Association,2008).

The tension heightened when the supervisor directed Sarah to deploytwo staff who had been very dissatisfied with the reorganization.This is in spite of them being excellent in their clinical duties,better relations with other staff and longevity in their practicingyears. At this point Sarah understood that the supervisor was judgingmatters according to his personal opinion, not from the code ofethics in place (Fowler &amp American Nurses Association, 2008).

Solutionas a Professional RN

Asa professional nurse, I would write a letter to the board ofdirectors in charge of my hospital. I would explain the case of therecent changes that have ensued since the former supervisor wastransferred. I would also recap the environment in the hospital underthe supervision of the former and the latter supervisor, without fearor favor. Then I would relate the recent negative occurrences to theentrance of the new supervisor. Finally, my suggestion to thedirectors would be a replacement of the new supervisor with adifferent one, in order to uphold stability and good performance bothto the staff and patients (Fowler &amp American Nurses Association,2008).

Supportof my Response

Asa professional in my practice, I have been taught to speak the truth.The interests of the patients should be put ahead of our personalinterests. One of the codes of ethics, in the form of a pledge putsemphasis on faithfulness in my profession. In that, I should stayaway from what should cause hitches to those that are entrusted to mycare. Removing the two clinical nurses from their offices wouldcontravene with this code. The interests of the patients should beenhanced in that proper and timely provision of healthcare should bemaintained (Fowler &amp American Nurses Association, 2008).


Itwould be inappropriate for me to accept the removal or transfer ofthree well-practicing staff members at a go. This will causedestabilization and discontentment among the staff and patients, muchto the disadvantage of the patients. I would be faithful to God byensuring loyalty to those I am offering my services to.


Fowler,M. D. M., &amp American Nurses Association. (2008). Guideto the Code of Ethics for Nurses: Interpretation and Application.Silver Spring, MD: American Nurses Association.

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