Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

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Ethicaland Socially Responsive Business



8thDecember 2015

Ethicaland Socially Responsive Business

Allaspects of the code of conduct are critical in the smooth running ofthe organization. However, there are some aspects that have moreimpact on day to day running of the restaurant. This includesaspects that relates to the relationship between the businessorganization and the employees as well as the relationship betweenemployees themselves. Chipotle Mexican restaurant is committed to thelater and spirit of the law. This is the foundation of the code ofconduct for the restaurant. The aim of the code of conduct ispromoting good deeds even when no one is watching. To maintain a goodrelation between the restaurant and the employees, the code ofconducts gives guideline on acceptance and giving of gifts byemployees. The code of conduct also specifies how the employee shouldhandle confidential information and communication systems in therestaurants. This includes adopting the highest standards of ethicsand professionalism in communication with the clients, suppliers,vendors and other employees. Another important aspect of the code ofethic relates to how employees record and report information,including financial records. The most important aspect of the code ofconduct that defines the human relations in the organization is theanti discrimination and harassment policy. The policy states clearlythat all forms of discrimination are prohibited in the restaurant.Additional, all forms of harassment, including sexual harassment sprohibited. All employees have a responsibility of preventingharassment and discrimination in the restaurant. Although thehighlighted aspects are more critical, every aspect of the code ofconduct is important (Code of Conduct).

Afterdeveloping a code of conduct for the organization, there are basicsteps that need to be followed in order to attain the desiredresults. The first step is communication the ethics policy to theemployees through awareness campaigns. Awareness programs are acontinuous process that will ensure that the employees clearlyunderstand and accept the policy. The awareness should be supportedby a training and reinforcement program. Depending on the nature ofthe workforce and the workplace, training may be formal or informal.The management should also work towards creating an environment andorganizational culture that supports the code of ethics is essential.The next step is monitoring and evaluation. This is aimed atidentifying the strengths and weaknesses of the policy andimplementation process. This will aid in making the necessaryadjustment to the policy (Mamic, 2006).

Thereare many ways through which a restaurant can be a socially responsivebusiness. This is by ensuring that the restaurant is a good corporatecitizen. One of those is contributing to the economic wellbeing ofthe immediate society. For example, the restaurant can offeremployment opportunity to the society. This can be directly byemploying them in the restaurant or indirectly by buying inputs fromthe community. Another way through which the restaurant can besocially responsive business is by promoting good eating habits inthe society. Bad diet is a major issue in the modern society due toits link to obesity and associated health complications. Therestaurant can ensure that it sells health food to the customers.Secondly, the restaurant can promote good eating habits by educatingthe community on healthy foods as well as how to prepare health foodat home (Lee &amp Kotler, 2013). This can be done through the socialmedia, popular media or by involving the restaurant staff in publiceducation.


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