Essential Elements of a Christian Worldview

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EssentialElements of a Christian Worldview

Christianworldview remains to be a valuable concept that continually revealsthe comprehensive scope of the gospel. It is based on the infallibleword of God. This paper will confer the essentials of the gospel ofthe Christian faith, focusing on how the Christian worldview seesGod, humanity, Jesus, and restoration, and then it will provide ananalysis of the Christian worldview and finally a reflection on mypersonal worldview


Fullycomprehending God is almost impossible to man. Matthew 28:19 (NewInternational Version) presents God as a triune. Within the Godhead,three persons exist in perfect harmony God the father, the son andthe spirit with all different functions but in equal power and glory.John 1:18 presents God as an invisible spirit. This self-existent andinfinite being transcends his creation. McCann asserts, “God is aperfectly simple, yet personal being” (McCann, 2012). The Biblebrings out well the attributes of this being. The most fundamentalaspect is his eternal nature. His unique characteristics includebeing, righteous, omnipresent, sovereign just, immutable incomparableamong others. McCann (2012) argues that the world is a product ofGod`s creation. He is the creator of the conceptual order along withthe natural and moral orders. According to the book of Genesis, Godcreated the heavens and the earth and everything in them inclusive ofthe creatures. McCann (2012) also adds that being the creator, Godupholds all things by the word of his command and everything in theuniverse depends on God for its entire being as revealed in Hebrews1:3.


Aman is superior to God`s creation. It is written in Genesis 1:26 thatGod created man in his likeness in a fearful and wonderful manner.After eating the forbidden fruit, humans attained the ability tofathom between right and wrong making humanity unique. Davies-Stofka(2015) argues that God has given man ability to have someunderstanding of God and his vast complex design. He accorded him thegift of reason which enables human to reflect on their nature andconscience thus derives knowledge of God`s will for creation. The mancan receive divine communication in response to obedience. Theseabilities make humanity Gods agents. In Genesis1:26-28, God gavehuman beings dominion over his creations and commissioned them toprocreate and fill the earth. Davies-Stofka (2015) explains furtherthat the purpose of human beings is to love and serve God. To havedominion over his creation thus help bring out Gods glorious plan ofcreation.

Inthe Garden of Eden, sin reveals itself as the root source of humanproblems. Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the forbidden fruit and asrevealed in Genesis 1:23. Consequently, God banished them from hisgarden. Christians understand this as the root source of humanproblems. Due to disobedience, God banished humanity and theirdescendants to a life of hard work, pain disease and eventual death(Davies-Stofka, 2015).


Manypeople viewed Jesus as a teacher who died an unjust horrible death.United Church of God (2010) argues that through his revelations,Christians acknowledge that Jesus is the son of God. Psalms 2:7 &ampHebrews 1:5 reveal that Jesus is the son of God. During his baptismaccording to Luke 3: 21, the heavens opened, and a voice echoed, “Youare my son with whom I love with you I am well pleased”. SimilarBible verses that reveal this are John 3:16 and Psalms 2:7. UnitedChurch of God (2010) explains that Christians view Jesus of Nazarethas God in the flesh. The book cites the Bible in Exodus 3:13-14 whereGod revealed himself to Moses, as I am who I am. Jesus in the NewTestament in John 8:58 echoes it “Before Abraham was born, I am”.Isaiah 9:6 demonstrates that Jesus is the Mighty God and EverlastingFather. Apart from the numerous miracles that He performed, 1 Peter3:18 explains that Jesus died on the cross, to redeem humankind andreconcile it to God. He endured the humiliation from his persecutorswho buried him only to rise again on the third day descending to theheavens. The identity of Jesus and his works is an assurance toChristians that they are free from the bondage of sins and is aguarantee of eternal life. His crucifixion is a demonstration oftremendous love that they are supposed to extend towards others.


Allhuman problems according to the Christians are trials and temptationsand as the bible suggests the solution are with God. All problemsshould be cast unto the Lord for he cares (Psalms 55:22 1 peter5:7). It is the final solution to human problems. Grace and faith arethe mediums of salvation. By dying on the cross, Jesus savedhumankind by his grace which is Gods unmerited favor (Ephesians2:8-9). Faith in Christian salvation enables Christians to trust inthe death of Jesus on the cross and commit their eternal destiny untohim. In restoration, transformational of self and society happensthrough the renewal of the mind by discerning God’s will, on whatis good and perfect (Romans 12.2). Anyone who is born again,confesses his sins and is baptized becomes a new creation accordingto the Christian faith

Christianbelief accords enormous hope to humanity to press on even in hardtimes since they know that it shall all come to pass. This beliefgives humanity the strength to overcome trials and temptations andfight against the power evil. They become one with God, who givesthem a purpose in their lives by answering all their prayers (Matthew6:11). Christianity influences a person`s thinking and behaviorpositively. Being rooted from the Bible, which Christians regardhighly as Gods word, it influences them to conform to the teachingsof the Bible, to escape the wrath of God. It makes humanity kind,sane and promotes a high level of obedience and respect among peoplein their day activities in their pursuit for the reward of thepromised eternal life.

Apocalypseis one of the confusing concepts of the Christian faith. The book ofrevelation tries to explain the happenings of the second coming ofGod and the tribulation. Many of the Christians still struggle tograsp the numbers and events of the apocalypse, a topic that manyfear and that is manipulated easily by other denominations to misleadChristians.

Asa Christian, I live out the belief of a Christian worldview followingin the footsteps of Jesus. I achieve this by constantly equippingmyself with the word of God, fasting and always being prayerful ascommanded in Colossians 4:2 and 1 Timothy 4:13 among otherscriptures. Reading the Bible and praying ensures the Holy Spiritwalks with me in faith showing me the right path and restores my wayswhen I go astray. Taking care of the needs of the people is also away of living out my Christian beliefs as commanded by the gospel inGalatians 6:2.

Inconclusion, the Christian worldview has many essential elements. Theanswers to all questions, as revealed in this paper, are endorsed inthe Bible since God inspired the writers. According to the Christianbelief, the content of the Bible stands unquestioned. The issues ofGod, Jesus, humanity, and restoration are all addressed as asignificant aspect of this faith. Heeding to the Biblical beliefs hasrewards, but the greatest of them all is living an eternal life.


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