Environmental Sociology

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Environmentalsociology is the study of the relationship between the social systemsand different ecosystems. It is also worth mentioning thatenvironmental sociology is a branch of sociology. The ecosystem inthis definition simply refers to the different components that cometogether to form a particular set of conditions in which livingorganisms live. The environment consists of both manmade and naturalfeatures that become part of the ecosystem. Social systems in thisdefinition are the way people are organized through differentrelationships as a reaction to environmental conditions.

Aspecialist in environmental sociology is concerned with the way humanbeings interact with the environment. The interactions between thesociety and the environment are in terms of dealing withenvironmental problems. For example, societal issues such aspopulation, globalization, industrialization, and health areimportant in environmental sociology because they affect both theenvironment and the society. Changes in social systems affect theenvironment in many ways. For instance, when populations increase ampart of forest land is converted to residential land without propertransitions, the environment is affected.

Effortsfrom environmental sociologists have led to the inclusionenvironmental concerns in public policy. For example, constructionof different physical infrastructures such as bridges, skyscrapers,and railways often includes an assessment of environmental impacts ofthe projects. Environmental sociology is also about communicatingpeople’s attitudes and perceptions of the opportunities as well asproblems associated with environmental changes.

Whenwords “environmental sociology” are mentioned what comes to one’smind is sustainability. Human activities and natural forces thatthreaten the continuity of human existence are undesirable. Throughenvironmental sociology, people are able to know and understand indetail how changes in social system can affect the environment sothat reverse efforts follow to change the situation.

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