Environmental Health and Safety

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EnvironmentalHealth and Safety

EnvironmentalHealth and Safety

Nursingis a profession that plays a very critical role in the society.Health care is delivered in a very complex environment too, andnurses have to take caution that they do not do harm to theirpatients. It is also essential that they also work in a safeenvironment. As a learning nurse, the lessons on environmental healthand safety eill have a great impact to my future practice.

Ahealthy nursing environment should be empowering, safe and satisfyingto both the patient and the nurse. This has a great impact on me asit conclusively states what is expected of me in the field.

Theoccupational safety and health laws are also applicable in thenursing profession. It is a legal requirement that the employerensures that the environment in which his employees are working fromis safe for them, and for any other person who accesses the facility.

TheNational Association for Healthcare Quality, places an obligation onthe healthcare industry to enhance patient safety (Nickittas, et.al.,2014) nurses have a duty of care to their patients. This places anobligation on me to read the labels and warnings on products toensure that they are safe for consumption by a patient. Inparticular, I should be careful on any products that contain DEHP,PVC and mercury as they are toxic in the body of a human being. Inaddition, as a nursing practitioner, I have a responsibility for myown health and safety and I should inform the manager on any symptomsof hazardous products in the work environment.

Themanagers and supervisors also have an obligation to advocate forenvironmental health and safety (Westrick,2009).By doing this, they will avoid suits by employees who get injured inthe course of work. The managers should act on any complaints raisedby nurses on environmental health and safety.


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