Effective Communication

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SambianPartners considers its self as a company of choice to work for.However, the company continues to lose some of some of its keyemployees. There is a crisis at the company when the assistantdirector of the company resigns but refuses to divulge into thedetails of his resignation. His resignation is followed by theresignation of another senior employee, despite attempts by thecompany to retain her. There is no doubt that the human resourcesmanagement strategies at Sambian Partners are not effective. This ismainly due to ineffective communication strategies and channels inthe organization. As a result of poor communication, employees,including senior employees are dissatisfied with their careers. Forexample, the CEO promotes the wrong employee, which negativelyaffects the morale of other employees. The CEO, Helen Gasbarianinherited the position for his father, but does not have essentialleadership and communication skills to run the organization (LawlerIII, 2008). The communication gap has a negative impact on therelationship between the organization and its employees. Due to thecommunication gap, the leadership is unaware of the issues affectingthe employees. This resulted into lack or teamwork, conflicts andbias.

Theloss of key employees at the company can be attributed to poorcommunication channels and communication gaps. To deal with thisproblem, the human resources department should create effectivecommunication channels in the organization. This will enable allemployees to effectively and openly talk about issues and concernsaffecting them. The will enable to company deal with the issues thataffects the employees and force them to leave the organization. Additionally, an open channel of communication will enable theorganization to get feedbacks from employees. This is essential inenhancing employee relations and preventing. Communication will alsoenhance the sensitivity of the leadership to issues affectingemployees.


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