Effective armed intervention in Afghanistan

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The paper has highlighted some strategies and approaches that theAmerican government and the soldiers would have used to ensure thatthey reduced the civilian fatalities that were being reported. Thestrategies postulated in the paper are as follows:

  1. Focusing on the objective of the war which was to arrest Osama Bin Laden and remove the Taliban government from power

  2. Use of modern technology such as drones and automated robots to reduce civilian deaths

  3. Offering free training to the Afghanistan soldiers to reduce their activities in the death of civilians

  4. Treating the injured civilians to reduce deaths emanating from the injuries

  5. Acting on the various reports from UN and other bodies regarding the humanitarian crisis caused by the war

  6. Training the soldiers who engaged in the war in various war crimes.

  7. Targeting vehicles rather than compounds to reduce civilian deaths

  8. Use of non-lethal weapons

  9. Celebrating their victory with caution

Whereasit is acceptable that the armed intervention was to have somecivilian deaths, it is evident from the research paper that therewere various strategies that would have been employed to reduce thedeaths. The use of modern technology and training of the soldierswith regards to the civilian rights seems to be two most effectivestrategies of reducing the civilian deaths. It is clear from thereport despite the death of over 26000 civilians in the war therewas not much that was achieved. The Taliban seems to have regroupedand are now controlling some major areas in Afghanistan. TheAfghanistan people also lost support of the American soldiers afterthey destroyed their schools, hospitals and transport systems.

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