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Lifein general and the living conditions have been changing over theyears. Many people have been moving to urban areas in search foremployment opportunities and better living conditions. However,living in congested estates and slums in the urban areas isassociated with numerous challenges. One of the major challenges isthe exposure of the young people to substances, such as alcohol andother hard drugs (Wilcock &amp Hocking, 2015). It is quite easierfor one to meet with a peer who is abusing substances and getinfluenced in the urban areas than in the rural areas.

Povertyis characterized by a struggle for inadequate resources, which createan environment for civil as well as domestic violence (Williams &ampMickelson, 2004). Poverty occurs when people, including those migrateinto the urban areas lack employment opportunities. For example,people who move to the cities to look for jobs end up living in slumswhen they fail to secure some occupation. In addition, poverty isassociated with a feeling of powerlessness, fear, and loneliness, andviolence becomes an alternative for the poor to express theirfeelings.

Theworking class in the urban areas engages less in physical activities.The nature of most of the jobs, especially the white collar jobs,available in the urban areas does not give employees the opportunityto exercise their bodies.

Someof the issues that should be prioritized by an occupational therapistworking in a geriatric setting include poverty, physical inactivity,and drug abuse. This is because working in a geriatric facilityrequires one to focus on the evaluation of medical, social, and thepsychological functioning of the older adults, which is an affectedmost by the three factors (Puts, Monette &amp Alibhai, 2012).Poverty and substance abuse can affect the social and psychologicalwell-being of older adults. The lack of physical exercise affectstheir physical wellbeing negatively.

Inconclusion, poverty, urbanization, substance abuse, violence, and thelack of physical activity are interrelated factors that affect thepsychological as well as the physical wellbeing of individuals.However, an occupational therapist working in a geriatric facilityshould focus more on poverty, substance abuse, and physicalactivities because they are likely to affect the health of olderadults significantly.


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The Bachelor Business Administration (BBA) course presents variouspowerful lessons. In particular, this chapter has outlined manypointers on strategic management. A theoretical knowhow ofentrepreneurship includes an overall perspective on how to managestartups. An important lesson concerns how to handle capabilitiesthat enable different forms of entrepreneurship (Hitt, Duane &ampHoskisson, 2015). It is critical to have in-depth knowledge ofnetworking and business development so as to create an internationalperspective. The most important lessons for the company I researchedinclude how to facilitate various managerial roles.

The first role concerns the identification and creation of businessopportunities. Managers need to examine consumer markets so as topinpoint unexplored niches. They may well examine their internaloperations to identify weak points and develop new methods. Thecompany needs to diversify its operations so as to increase itscustomer base. Managers also need to evaluate new businessopportunities to check on their viability. Opportunities that are notviable should be discarded to avoid wastage of resources.Entrepreneurship can be deployed as a strategic tool to ensureinnovation and flexibility (Hitt et.al, 2015). This can be enforcedthrough adaptation and exploitation of opportunities.

Apple Inc. would form an ideal partner for my preferred company dueto their established track record of innovation. The company hasexcelled in life cycle management of their products. ProgressiveApple products are always fashioned as improvements of previousreleases. Consequently, they would help the company to embrace theculture of inward innovation.


The chapter discusses two reasonable approaches to innovation. Theideas-driven approach is centered on creating and collectingpotential ideas. This approach utilizes a lead time of five years. Itis commonly applied in volatile markets with fast-moving consumergoods. It would be useful to most organizations since it deals withproducts with short life cycles. The second approach discussed in thechapter is research-driven (Hitt et.al, 2015). Many organizationsresearch ideas of implementation before subjecting them to vettingprocesses. Even after several ideas are selected, any could berejected momentarily during development. The development cycle lastslonger than a decade due to the long-term focus of innovation.

Innovation can also be effected through deep analysis of marketconditions. The organization can examine internal operations so as toidentify areas that need optimization. In this approach, any selectedproject is maintained during the entire development process. Thisprovides the platform for progressive amendments to be made (Hittet.al, 2015). Companies will benefit from this approach in shiftingmarkets with plenty of uncertainties.


Business administration is like a poor man that suddenly discovers agold mine beneath his establishment. Consequently, the man needs toperform a complete overhaul of his status. For example, he needs todiscard his previous views about himself. Unearthing the treasureopens their eyes to the possibility of creating untold wealth.

The single most interesting thing about the BBA program is itsability to act as an eye-opener. It helps one expand their outlook onpossibilities of expansion and innovation (Hitt et.al, 2015).Learning to be objective enhances perspective and focus on potentialareas to exploit for the sake of profit.


The lessons learned from the BBA program will help to shape my careergoals and objectives. To be more productive, critical thinking shouldpermeate conventional thinking and attitude. My communication skillswill also focus on understanding and implementing various facets of amarketing plan. The BBA course also includes various pointers on howto enhance the use of information technology in business analytics(Hitt et.al, 2015). It contains advice on how to excel at marketresearch and financial planning.

In 10 years, the program will be addressing the necessity of GraduateRecord Examination (GRE) and Graduate Management Admission Tests(GMAT). This is due to the uplifted standards of educationexperienced throughout the globe.


Hitt, M. A., Duane, R., &amp Hoskisson, R. E. (2015). StrategicManagement: Concepts and Cases, Competitiveness and Globalization,11th ed. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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