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I agree with Derek’s view on the connectedness and interdependenceof all living things as presented by Campbell and Suzuki andLovelock. To start with, the student highlights the fact that theknowledge and acceptance of this interconnectedness is fortunate andunfortunate at the same time.

He says that it is fortunate because humans now know that they canemploy this interconnectedness to make big changes in the world intheir own small ways. He cites Campbell and Suzuki’s application ofNewton’s law of action-reaction. From this law, any action taken byman as part and parcel of the ecological system, there is a reactionfrom other players in the system and the system itself. Simply put,any action on the ecology will trigger an equal reaction by and onthe ecology. Thus doing well to the ecology means a positive reactionby the ecology and vice versa.

This law alone thus calls for all people to be involved in planningand implementing sustainable approaches in their activities andoccupations to promote a better ecological system. Diseases andunhealthy environments are all part of the ecological system and theycan be best addressed in a sustainable manner through ecologicalresponses that involved everyone. Wilcock and Hocking (2015)highlight the risk of population of explosion which means thateveryone has a duty to plan a family well.

Derek makes reference to Lovelock’s living organism theory and itscontribution to the ecological system. However, I feel much moreexplanation was needed. It is important to highlight the fact that asa living organism, the earth comprises of different interdependentsystems. Problems in one system will affect other systems andcorrective measures are employed by an active control system such asthe brain/CNS. Thus, the high prevalence of disease and otherhealthcare challenges on humans can be traced back to changes inanother sub-system of the ecology that triggers corrective measuresby the control system.

I also feel that the student failed to deliver that desired punchline that links environmental degradation to deteriorating healthcareglobally. To address healthcare challenges ecologically, then thechallenges must be tied to the environment sustainability discussionsas part of the larger ecological system. Major pathogens such asbacteria are favored by certain types of environment that aredirectly influenced by man. With such a direct link, it becomes moreapparent why everyone should actively participate in creating ahealthy environment.

On the overall, the paper is good. The student seems to understandthe topic and how health and the environment interact. And the use ofthe Michael Jackson quote was very refreshing and well placed, bravo.


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