Diagnosis of Candidiasis

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Diagnosisof Candidiasis

Diagnosisof Candidiasis


A35-year-oldfemale was in her normal good health until 2 days when shebegan noticing white patches between her fingers. The patches spreadto her groin area and caused an irritating sensation. The patchesappeared to be spreading to her breasts and an itching sensation wasbeing felt. She complained of dumpiness on her groin and front areas.


Vitalsigns: blood pressure 134/80, oral temperature 35.8 degrees Celsius.From looking at her skin, the patient has clear white patches on herbuttocks, middle of her fingers. These white rashes were alsospreading to her breasts and groin areas. The patient complained ofitching sensations a mild irritations resulting from the rashes.Shehad no previous incident of this infection and was not under anyantibiotics.


Thewhite patch rash appearing primarily and spreading selectively tofolded areas was a sign of a fungal infection(Pfenninger&amp Fowler2003). The patient had skin candidiasis whose suspected cause wasinadequate hygiene condition and infrequent change of undergarmentclothing.


Thepatient will be administered was administered antifungal creams andan ointment to reduce effects of the rashes and prevent them fromfurther spreading. She was advised to maintain good hygiene andregular change of clothes. A drying powder was also administered andthe patient was educated on the importance of keeping her skin dryand regularly exposure to air (Thomas 2015). The patient was advisedto return if irritations persisted or if the rashes spread to themouth or any other area. Blood sugar levels had to be monitored andthe patient had to control her intake of sugars.


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