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Political crimes are different from other forms of deviant behaviorsin that they are considered as crimes which threaten the state.Political crimes include activities or omissions which result in theprejudice of the state of the government, as well as the politicalsystem of a country (Ross, 2012). People who are accused of politicalcrimes mainly go against the wills of the state or the government.The following are the three major types of political crimes.

Treason is a form of political crime that is punishable by law andwhich involves the attempt by an individual to overthrow one’s owngovernment. In other words, treason is considered to be the violationof an individual’s allegiance to his or her own state andgovernment. In instances where a country is in war, treason comprisesof activities where an individual supports the enemy in any wayagainst his own government and or state (Ross, 2012). Examples oftreason include the encouragement of citizens by an individual toturn against their own country. Additionally, supporting the enemythrough offering aid amounts to treason and this acknowledged by allcountries across the world. Attempts to overthrow the government maylead to war hence disturbing the peace of the society. The war mayalso affect the society through the destruction of property and evendeaths of some members of the society.

The other form of political crime is espionage. This is a form ofpolitical crime which involves spying of secret political andmilitary information which is vital for the security of a country.Espionage is equivalent to spying. In the United States, the secretservice unit, CIA, is tasked with the responsibility of keeping themilitary information which is sensitive and is vital for the securityof the country (Rothe et al., 2011). Espionage amounts to thecollection of secret information against the will of the custodiansof such information. More often than not, the people collecting suchgovernment secret information are enemies to the government and mayuse such sensitive information against the government. It is worthstating that espionage is punishable by the law. An example ofespionage is when a spy from one country gathers or collectsinformation from another country about its military or governmentoperations (Ross, 2012). This political crime may have a number ofeffects on the society. For instance, when an enemy gathersinformation about the security services of a country, it is evidentthat the society may be affected when such enemy attacks the country.Additionally, cases of espionage reduce the society’s confidenceand trust in their government.

Terrorism is last form of a political crime which is punishable bylaw. This is violent form of crime where terrorist groups use forceto overthrow governments or to attack other countries that seem to goagainst their will. Terrorism has become a widespread from of crimeacross the world where terrorist groups are recruiting young peopleto revolt against their governments (Rothe et al., 2011). There arenumerous examples of terrorist activities across the world. A clearcut example is the boko haram terrorist group in Nigeria which haskilled thousands of people. The Islamic State or what is commonlyknown as the ISIS is yet another perfect example of terrorism wherethe members are turning against their own government. Terrorism hasimmense effects on the society through the deaths and the destructionthat the terrorist activities cause (Friedrichs, 2015). Numerouspeople have been killed through terrorism and property destroyed.Additionally, terrorism causes displacement of people who run awayfrom the terrorists.


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