Description of the sources for the Death Penalty Paper

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  1. Cook .Joseph. Divided Passions: Public Opinions on Abortion and the Death Penalty. Boston North Eastern University Press, 2006, Print

The book talks about the prevailing public opinion regarding thedeath penalty. The study was done in the USA, and gives an objectiverepresentation of the public opinion about the death penalty in theUnited States.

The book would be useful for my essay because it highlights thereasons why Americans choose to uphold or abolish the death penalty.

  1. Haines Harmon. Against Capital Punishment: The Anti-Death Penalty Movement in America, 1972-1994 1996 New York: Oxford University Press Print.

The author talks about the history and progress of lobby groupsagainst the death penalty in the United States.

The book provides a perspective about the reasons why people havearguments against the death penalty.

  1. Hugo Adam. The death penalty in America. Current controversies. 2001 New York Oxford University Press Print.

Mainly touches on the public outcry by religious leaders regardingthe death penalty in America. It also highlights past incidenceswhereby people were executed in err.

This book helped the writing of the essay in understanding the deathpenalty concept. The book also helped in the section of argumentsagainst the death penalty.

  1. Lu Hang, Terrance McDonald. China’s death penalty: History, Law and contemporary practices 2007 New York: Routledge Print

The book gives a detailed account of the death penalty in China. Theauthors provide a perspective of understanding the death penalty fromthe Chinese experience, which can be used to understand the case ofthe United States.

Its relevance lies in the fact that it offers a comparison betweenthe USA and China regarding the execution method(s), public opinionand controversies.

  1. Sunstein Raymond., Vermeule, Ashton. Is Capital Punishment Morally Required? The Relevance of Life-Life Tradeoffs. Social Science Research Network: April 2005 27(7).

This research article seeks to find out the effectiveness of life-life tradeoffs. By focusing on moral aspect, the information from thebook gives a different perspective about the application of the deathpenalty.

The book offers research based knowledge about the alternativesolutions to death penalty.

  1. Zeisel Heinstein., Gallup Andrew. Death penalty sentiment in the United States. Journal of Quantitative Criminology, Jan 2009 5(3): 85-96

Zeisel Heinstein and Gallup Andrew conducted an opinion research onthe people working in the judiciary in the USA. 60% supported thedeath penalty.

The findings will provide arguments for the death penalty.

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