Decision maker’s challenges

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The issue of gun control and any other major issue in the US havebeen taken over by politics and decision makers are faced withchallenges while trying to pass policies that would reduce theviolence that has been witnessed as a result of the presence of theguns. It is worth mentioning that the issue gun politics divides thecongress and the senate into two major groups with the Republicansbeing anti gun control while majority of the Democrats are pro guncontrol. This division ensures that any policy that seeks to enhancecontrol through measures such as intense background checks arebrought down by congress. Legislators who may be willing to reduceincidences of gun violence through introducing bills into thecongress are disappointed when the congress refuses to support suchbills. It is worth mentioning that the last gun control policy thatbecame law was passed by congress in 1994 and it expired in 2004.This law banned assault weapons and since its expiry in 2004,attempts to renew it have been futile.

Looking at the President, it is clear that he has little powers overgun control without the support from congress. The executive powersthat the president has have had little effect on reducing gunviolence and managing the ownership, sale and use of guns in America.Gun control is a major issue in America and decision makers must seekthe support and or approval by congress before such policies can beturned into law. The greatest challenge that the decision makers facewhile try to pass policies is the lack of support from congress. Itis clear that any major issue in America such as gun control orabortion always takes a political angle with members taking sideseven when their opinion and belief is different. In other words,policies are either supported or opposed through politicalaffiliations and not through the opinions and beliefs of individualmembers.

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