Dear Professor (insert his/her name)

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DearProfessor (inserthis/her name)

Itis with great concern I write to you concerning my WRA150 grades. Ihave recorded very low GPA in the WRA150 class (1.5). Currently amabout to be dismissed from the university due to poor grades andsubsequently unsatisfactory GPA at the university in my classes. Withreference to your class (WRA150), I have recorded a very low GPA,this is despite being in your office several times regarding theclass, which you had indicated to me I had performed well, and therewas no problem with the WRA150 results. Despite the numerousdiscussions and assurance, everything was ok, I recorded low grades.Kindly let me know whether there was a problem with the WRA 150grades, as it has affected my chances of reinstatement in theuniversity. Let me know what went wrong with regard to the WRA150, Iwould highly appreciate your assistance on this.

Amkindly requesting whether it is possible for you to change the finalgrade for the WRA150 class in case there was a mistake? This would bea huge gain and if I get a higher grade in this semester, it is amassive gain and would be a great favor as it would save me frombeing dismissed from the university. I highly look forward to yourresponse regarding this, as I am eagerly looking forward to beingre-instated, and good grades for the semester would an ideal insaving me from being dismissed. With your help, I would be able tosave myself from a possible dismissal from the university, andre-establish my chance to perform better towards satisfactoryacademic performance. Thank you.

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