Deacons of Defense

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Deaconsof Defense

Thefilm “” is based on the story of blackmilitiamen who defy the policy by the mainstream civil rightsmovement on nonviolence (Kopel). They organize themselves and theirneighborhood for self-defense against members of the Ku Klux Klan inLouisiana and the police who use excessive violence on them. The filmchallenges the idea of non-violence in achieving results. The deaconsof defense defy the call for a non-violent means to an end theirproblems and take up arms against their enemies (Kopel). They facevarious shortcomings in their quest for racial justice and ending ofracial profiling. However, the deacons also make strides to endingviolence against the black leaving the society with many lessons.

Thecomparison between armed resilience and the civil rights movement isevident in the film. Eventually, civil rights fail in solving theissues faced by the blacks, resulting in the use of violence whichyields results (Kopel). In so doing, the film disregards theimpression that federal civil rights movement achieves goals throughnon-violence means such as lobbying. The film explicitly contraststhe futility of strict non-violence in the face of racialvictimization and profiling. It demonstrates the effectiveness ofarmed self-defense as a response to Klan terror. Therefore, the filmcommunicates a compelling message of meeting violence with force forthose who only respect violence such as the Klan. Additionally, forceis the only thing understood by the enemies of the blacks.

Mostof the blacks who fight in are war veterans whohad fought for democracy overseas (Kopel). After risking their livesand sacrificing for the sake of the country, the veterans return homeonly to be denied their fundamental civil rights and economicopportunity. This symbolizes the degree of social injustice andinequality in the American society. The are widelyforgotten n and do not get their much-deserved recognition despitetheir sacrifices (Kopel). Additionally, they are subjected toviolence from the police and the Ku Klux Klan for being black.Therefore, to curb this social injustice, the deacons of defense takeup arms. Therefore, from the film, justice is not given on a silverplatter but rather fought for.

Thefilm touches on the core societal issue of white racism. It was anact of insanity for a black man to point a gun at a white man despitethe whites abusing them (Kopel). The blacks face the whims of thepeople as well as the Klan. A scrutiny of the film unearths theunspoken cooperation between the perpetrators of violent oppressionof the blacks and the law enforcement officers as the primary factorpromoting the propagation of violence against the blacks. However,the deacons of defense had the courage to stand up against the whiteman’s terror. The According to the film, social change is possibleif the oppressed are unified. Additionally, a lot of courage isrequired to stand up against the oppressors and bring about thedesired social changes.

Inconclusion, the film highlights the need to fight for equality bywhatever means necessary. It contests the societal norms ofinequality between the blacks and the whites. Additionally, it defiesthe normal way of handling conflict using non-violent means to thosewho only understand violence. Therefore, the film teaches thesociety, necessary lessons that are applicable in the fight againstdiscrimination so as to bring change. These lessons are important,especially in these days where violence against immigrants and blacksis on the rise. Therefore, the oppressed should be courageous andunite in the fight for their civil rights.


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