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starts the presentation by asking affirming to theaudience that they should believe in change and that they shouldleave the hall different from the way they came in. The speakerasserts that what happens in the next minute is under every person’scontrol. It is clear from the lecture video that the speaker isinterested in the audience and wants them to leave the lecture hallhaving acquired something that will give them a hope for the future.The speaker applies examples that resonate well with the audiencesuch as moves in football or baseball which determine the nextaction. This is meant to apply to the actions of the audience thatwill influence their future.

It is clear also from the video that the speaker wants the people inthe audience to be true to their inner selves and do what they love.He asserts that using the example of a football player who would quitfootball not because he hated it, but because he hated playing. Thespeaker attempts to influence the audience, who are business studentsat the university, to do what makes them happy and not work for thesake of pay. The speaker is courageous and energetic and this makesthe presentation lively. The character of the speaker and his intensewill to see the audience successful and have a good life is clearfrom the video. Considering that the speaker is an author of 21books, there is means of doubting the information he presents. Thelength of the video is also important. The video is slightly under anhour long and this makes it exciting and enticing to watch to theend.

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