Curse Question 1

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Question 1

My performance has not been satisfactory in the past, and I canattribute it to several causes. First, English is not my firstlanguage, and I have been having difficulties in understanding theEnglish concepts. However, I have strived and improved my Englishskills and it is no longer a major problem. Secondly, did not performwell in my chemistry class mainly because I am not a chemistry major.

Question 2

I have a set of strategies for action to address my current academicperformance. First, I intend to be attending all the classes in timeo avoid missing some critical points from the instructors. Secondly,I have a plan in place for completing my homework on time instead ofwaiting until the deadline. I am sure that it will improve thequality if my work since I will dedicate enough time for all thequestions. Also, I intend to be visiting my academic advisor everweek to share my problems with him as well as evaluate my academicprogress. I will also make use of my professors and tutorialassistants to help me understand various concepts that I might finddifficult during the lessons. Since I regularly encounter problems inthe various lessons, I plan to be seeking the help of my tutors andthe tutorial assistants. I believe it will forge my path toexcellence since they are always willing to help.

Question 3

If the institution declines my request for reinstatement, I will goback to my home country, China, and take language classes to improvemy skills. I believe that gaining proficiency in the English languagewill pave the way for understanding the concepts taught in all myclasses.

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