Current event in the real world #1

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Currentevent in the real world


Kindnessis a crucial aspect in human life. This is an aspect thatdistinguishes people from other animals. It has become a phenomenonin the current world with the civil wars taking place in the worldtoday. Sometimes people take it for granted and treat others unkindlyeither knowingly or unknowingly. Syria has been in civil for a while.In times of war, the innocent citizens tend to suffer most since theyare the main targets of the bandits. Similarly, they end up beinghurt by the troops fighting the bandits. They, therefore, need peoplewho will treat them kindly in such a scenario. Kindness in this caseapplies to when the bandits can resolve to save the lives of innocentpeople by using means that are friendly to all (ABC news, 2016). Thisis the highest level kindness they can express. The other way ofexpressing kindness is army conducting their attacks cautiouslyaiming the bandits only. Finally, the neighboring nations hosting therefugees is another critical aspect that has raised concerns in thecurrent times America and Hungary being the perfect examples ofnations acting unkindly.


Applicationof kindness in real life situations is very essential and hasnumerous benefits. If the bandits can have kindness, they cannot usewar to express their concerns. They would use means that will notshed innocent blood. By so doing, they will have saved the lives ofinnocent people. If the army fighting the bandits can ensure thattheir attack is exclusively targeted to the bandits, the lives of theinnocent people will also be saved and it is worth being regarded asan act of kindness. The same case applies with the nationsaccommodating innocent people as refugees in their nations (Sproson,2016). Lives will be saved. Limitations available include lack ofmeans of differentiating between the innocent lives and bandits. Thebandits usually take advantage of this aspect and disguise themselvesas innocent citizens hence making the calls for kindness to beignored. The aspect of the bandits disguising themselves as innocentpeople so as to accomplish their missions creates a major challengein treating the citizens of the affected nations kindly. It isevident that kindness is a parameter that ensures that people careand mind about others hence creating an atmosphere that makes allhuman kind comfortable. The main benefit of kindness, therefore, isensuring that all people in the world live comfortably.


Thereare various alternatives which can be used to handle this situation.One of the alternatives is development of laws and policies whichadvocate for the equality for all as well as which make it amandatory for nations to host refugees. The main aspect thatfacilitates civil wars is inequality which leads to marginalizationof certain groups of people in the society. If nearly all thecitizens in the nation feel favored by the government and have equalprivileges and chances, war cannot easily erupt in that nation (ABCnews, 2016). This is the most act of kindness and will greatly helpin protecting the eruption of civil war. Similarly, formulation oflaws and policies which requires all nations to accommodate refugeesis another crucial aspect. it will ensure that people show kindnessto the people who duly need it.


Whyis kindness important in the life of human beings?


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