Current Event (Ethical Issues of IT in Healthcare)

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CurrentEvent (Ethical Issues of IT in Healthcare)


CurrentEvent (Ethical Issues of IT in Healthcare)

Inthe modern IT world, one of the issues making news is the adoption ofbig data technology in the United States healthcare sector. In nut ashell, big data could lead to massive changes and transformation ofthe country’s healthcare sector. However, the changes impacted bybig data have led to the need for fundamental changes, in addition toraising different ethical issues. One of the ethical issues to havebeen raised by the implementation of information technology, (BigData) is the issue of privacy. Different articles have been publishedaddressing the ethical issues behind the use big data in thehealthcare sector.

Publishedin 2015, the article by Rothstein Ethical Issues in Big Data HealthResearch: Currents in Contemporary Bioethics, has focused on theethical issues concerning the implementation of big data in thehealthcare sector (Rothstein, 2015). The article focuses on moral andbioethical aspects with regard to the implementation of big data inthe healthcare sector in the US. According to the author, theimplementation of IT in healthcare sector comes with massive benefitssuch as improving healthcare sector through research. However, theissue of patient information privacy is at stake. Despite easy accessto information, the patient`s privacy can be violated as much oftheir information can be accessed through the IT platforms, this, inturn, is a violation of privacy act (Rothstein, 2015). The author hasalso identified the need to regulate the amount of information thatcan be accessed in order to maintain the privacy of the patients.

Globally,the implementation of the IT tools, and big data has been arevolution not only in the healthcare sector, but also to any othersector that uses technology aspects. However, the privacy shortcominghas adversely affected the people’s privacy as in some cases thishas been used to expose and even conning people (Rothstein, 2015).Regarding the article I would like to focus on some questions suchas:

• Whatlevel can privacy intrusion be considered a violation of humanrights?

• Shouldpeople be worried about privacy issues related to IT implementation,or should the advantages be considered while the global societyoverlooks the demerits?

• ShouldIT implementation be regulated, and if yes, who should mandate therole of regulating its use?

Ethicalissues related to the use of technology and big data in differentsectors continues in the face the modern global community. This has,in turn, led to massive articles being published concerning thebitter good of the IT in our society. Despite the ethical dilemmas,the technology tools have continued to be implemented. According toRothstein (2015), despite the ethical issues surrounding IT and bigdata, its usage will continue to grow among people and globally.


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