Cross Country Trip (USA)

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CrossCountry Trip (USA)

Itis worth noting that living and visiting various parts of the UnitedStates remains one of the most life changing events. This is based onthe fact that US is full of natural wonders, entertainment venues aswell as historical landmarks, a factor which has significantly placedthe country among the leading tourists destinations across theworld. Unlike other Western countries, the US is an extremelymulticultural country, thus readily accepting people from allcultures across the world. As an international student from Chinanow studying in the US, I must accept that living in the US haschanged my life in a great way. As compared to China, here in the US,we enjoy the freedom of expression and believe that everything ispossible as suggested in the American Dream. It is based on thisreason that I have organized for a cross country trip via road fromCharlotte (North Carolina) to 20 different cities and back. The mainaim of this trip is to familiarize myself with the famous attractioncites at each of the 20 cities, thus boosting my understanding ofthis great country.

Charlotte(North Carolina)

Charlotte,the largest city in North Carolina, boasts of various nationalmuseums, thus attracting tourists from all parts of the world. As agreat lover of motorsports, a visit to Charlotte cannot be completewithout paying a visit to Hendrick Motorsports Museum. In thismuseum, various components of race cars which include roll cage, oilpan and rear sections are displayed. Significant championshiptrophies won by the company and automobiles like the Daytona 500 carsare a great reminder of the US heritage.

Thesecond city to tour in my cross country trip is Raleigh, which is thesecond populous city after Charlotte in North Carolina. During thetrip I will visit the North Carolina Museum of History, one of thefamous cites in the area. The museum is crucial as it detailsvarious topics which include those touching on women rights, CivilWar as well as exhibits the inhabitants of the area during the 20thcentury.

Theother city to tour is Washington D.C. One of the most famousattraction cites in the city is the Lincon memorial. Lincon memorial,placed at the western part of the national mall, is the locationwhere the late Martin Luther King gave the famous speech “ I havea dream” in 1963. FromWashington D.C I will head New York, the fourth most populous statein the US. One of the most famous attraction cites in New York Cityis the Statue of Liberty. This statue is a great reminder of therights of immigrants and serves as a promise of equality and sign ofhope. It weighs approximately 225 tons and designed and decoratedwith Aztec motifs in line with Greek Architecture.

Theother ideal location to visit is Rochester, a city which boarder thesouthern part of Lake Ontario in New York. One of the famous pointsI would visit while in Rochester City is the Seneca Park Zoo. Due tomy strong believe on conservation, I will be able to learn about thevarious animals in the park and the role they play in environmentalsustainability.

FromRochester City, I will head straight to Erie, which is a city foundon the North Western side of Pennsylvania.While in this city, I will visit Erie Art Museum. The museum is knownfor its live performances as well as pottery studio. It also offers agreat support to the traditional regional artists.

FromErie, I will proceed to Chicago, one of the largest cities in the USknown for its bold and attractive Architecture. One of the bestarchitectural cites to visit while in Chicago is the Millennium Park. The park is located in the downtown of the city and the mainfeatures include Lurie Garden, Cloud Gate sculpture among others.

Thereafter,I will move to Minneapolis, which is a major city in Minnesota.During this trip, I will visit the Minnehaha Park which extends alongthe banks of the Mississippi. Its 55 ft high and occupies 193 acre.

FromMinneapolis, I will visit Bismarck, which is the capital city ofNorth Dakota US. During this cross trip, I will visit Dakota Zooestablished in 1961 and holds over 600 animal species.

FromBismarck, I will head to Missoula, a city found in the state ofMontana. At this place I will visit the Elk Country Visitor Centermaintained by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Here I will learn on Native American species as well as take excellent photos and films.

Mycross country trip will then head me to the city of Seattle. Thiscity is well known for the role it has played to the history ofNative Americans for the last 400 years prior to the settlement ofthe initial Europeans settlers. While touring this city, I will tourthe Space Needle which was built in 1962 for World’s Fair. Themonument is 605 feet tall and appears like spaceship.

FromSeattle, I will then head to Portland, the largest city in Oregon.The city sits on the famous Willamette and Columbia rivers as well asMount Hood which is snow-capped. One of the famous attraction sitesin this city is the Portland Japanese Garden. It is famous for itsextremely unique and peaceful environment as well as the lovelyceremonial teahouse.

Mynext stop will be in San Francisco where I will visit the famousGolden Gate Bridge. This is a suspended bridge which is spanning the Golden Gate, Marin County and San Francisco and was completed in1937.

Thereafter,I will head to Los Angeles, which is one of the most sprawling citiesin Southern part of California, and it is a center of television andnational film. In this city I will visit the El Pueblo de Los AngelesHistorical Monument founded in 1781. It is known for its high qualityhotels and shops.

Mynext stop will be in Salt Lake City, the most famous city in thestate of Utah. While in the Salt Lake City, I will visit the templesquare, which is synonymous to this city. It is the holy place usedfor worship by Mormons.

FromSalt Lake City, my cross field trip will then take me to Phoenix,Arizona where I will tour Hall of Flame Fire Museum. The display ofthis museum dates back to 1725 and includes various types offire-extinguishers and fire-engines.

Priorto returning back to Charlotte (North Carolina), my final cross tripwill be in Nashville, Tennessee. While in this city I will visit theNashville Parthenon, which was built in 1897. It was crucial in thecommemoration of the centenary of this state.


Inconclusion, I must agree that at the end of my cross country trip, Iwill have learnt a lot of issues pertaining the US history from the20 cities visited. For instance the Statue of Liberty holds greatimportance not only to the US citizens, but people across the world.

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