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Nightingaleemerges as one of the scientific theorists that have made an impactin the modern nursing because of the environmental theory. The focusof this theorist was on the environment that the patient becomesintroduced to. In her theory, Nightingale had the perspective thataltering the patient’s initial environment is the most key aspectin affecting change in a patient’s health (Alexander &ampShepherd, 2015). As a matter of fact, changing the patient’senvironment is the role of a nurse to a patient that brings recovery.For example, changing a specific diet of the patient can lead to thepatient recovering from what he/she is suffering from.

Themost dominant aspect of this theorist that had an impact on me isthat as a nurse, I have a role in first understanding the patientand altering his/her environment in order to promote his/herrecovery. This implies that the patient’s environment is verycritical in influencing the well-being of the patient. This matcheswith objective three where the objective indicates that there aredifferent variables that affect the wellness behavior. Thus, fromNightingale’s perspective, the environment in which the patient isplaced can be considered as a variable that have an influence on thewell-being of the patient.

TheNightingale’s environmental theory of altering the patient’senvironment in order to promote recovery is instrumental to thenursing field and I would incorporate the theory into the nursingpractice by understanding the initial environment of the patientfirst, and then establishing what to change so as to promote therecovery of the patients who I would attend to. This would aid inattending to different patients exposed to different environments.


Alexander,C., &amp Shepherd, J. (2015). FlorenceNightingale: Mother of modern nursing.New York: Children`s Press.

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