Creative Writing; Technology With My Grand Father

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CreativeWriting Technology With My Grand Father

Historyhas always given a man, a reference of where he has come from in oneaspect or another. However, much is the times when the modernity asabsorbed the history to a point of no return. However, the differencehas always remained clear. The technology industry has become one themost advancing industry affecting human life and in all aspects. Fromyoung children to adults, technology devices, platforms and serviceshave become a daily need which people can’t do without. Long goneis the time when one needed to send a letter over the normal Postoffice, wait for days before it gets to the recipient, not to mentionthe number of days it would take to get the reply. Today, sendingmessages has become instant as well as instant replies. With themassive technology development, it has come with both merits anddemerits to all people in the society.

Inmodern days, one of the most used devices is a mobile phones andcomputers. The world has become digital and so it has come to thepositive side and the negative side of this tremendous development.Every time we move out with my friends, the first device to look foras our phones. The holiday came first I packed my bag to visit mygrandparent’s upcountry. The trip was long, but with the idea thatI will spend time with my grandparents the entire holiday, the lengthof the journey wasn’t a bother. Staffed with my phone, laptop acamera and some other electronic devices, I was ready to captureevery moment of my visit. The village is far from town, and thedifference could be told by anyone. From the look of things, mygrandfather wasn’t used to all these devices I was carrying. Littledid I know it was to bring along an experience of how it was the timewhen a mobile phone wasn’t in existence.

Keepingin touch with my mobile chatting with my friends back in town feltlike they were next to me. Mt grandfather always wanted to keep me onknown and always provided stories of how information was sent andstored during their time. He said, “Son, you see this pile ofletters, they are all the letters is have received from my college,my employment period and all my life. They are dusty, but stillreadable. This was out primary mode of communication for longdistances. Unlike your time when you have emails and the socialmedia”. My grandfather didn’t call it social media but used thename Facebook to stand for all of the social media platforms. “Oralcommunication was our main form of communication, dating and even themain form of communication we could turn to for those close to us.Those are the days when friends meant you meet at a party, andcelebrate together, unlike your time when you only need to sharephotos.

“Thisis my typewriting machine, for you have a computer. This was ourday’s primary typing machine and if one couldn’t afford it, thehandwriting was used. “Grandfather, how did you survive withoutcommunication?” At this point, I couldn’t resist imagining howthe situation would be when one needed to send an important andurgent message. However, the point at which the technology is beingused, the more face to face communication is becoming a thing of thepast. Technology is creating the virtual world, which, according tomy grandfather it’s slowly destroying the physical essence offriends. However, I could also see the rate at which the technologyhas changed not only the world of communication but also socialrelationships between people.

Despitethe tremendous gain from the ever growing technological advancement,the technology is turning people into lonely people who are far fromother yet so near to all. Long gone are the days parents used to sitdown with their children in the evening for storytelling, thetelevision has replaced the story time. My grandfather wasn’tcomfortable with the way I depend too much on my gadgets forinformation. However, he also accepts technology has positivelychanged the world so it has come along with negative impacts. Mygrandmother was long glued to the state of “I don’t know”.Apart from the usual TV and radio, the rest of the machines werestill no help to her. What an experience to live in the world of“darkness”. However, despite the differences in technology usagebetween me and my grandparents, my time here is full of surprises andenjoyable moments.

Inthe modern world, one technology that has adversely affected ourlives is the internet and the mobile phones. The platform has becomea powerful learning tool, as it has plenty of information on almostevery subject however, it has harmful information which hasnegatively affected its users such as cyber bullying. My grandfathercouldn’t understand how one can trust a person whom they have justmet on “Facebook”. This was one area, he emphasized the internetcannot be trusted always. However, one point we were in the agreementis that the platform is a powerful tool in the modern world. However,it should be wisely used to avoid falling into predator traps.Without saying I could tell my grandfather was still not sure whetherwe ought to depend too much on the current technological devices. Heis still on the idea face to face relationships and meetings shouldbe encouraged.

Focusingon my holiday in the upcountry, the much-needed technology in themodern communication world is slowly turning people and more awayfrom each other. In addition, it is resulting in an addition kind ofas more and more people spend more and time on their devicesbrowsing, chatting among other uses. The virtual world has led topsychological related problems such loneliness, social isolation,depression among other related conditions. Weighing the two sides,between my grandfather’s and the era we are in today, there is amassive need for control of how much internet or technology use istoo much. The gap is wide between the old forms of communication andthe modern communication platforms hence the massive change of thecommunication world. As I returned back to the city, much was stuckin my head as I developed a clear picture of the two sides of theworld, ‘the tradition, and the modernity in terms of communicationand adoption of advanced communication strategies. It was a lifechanging experience that was worth sharing with my friends back atschool. Despite the massive article, in the print media bout theimpact of technology and especially the internet, this was a moreeye-opening real-life experience.

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