Creating a Story

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Creatinga Story

Creatinga Story

Apicture is worth a thousand words! Anyone who understands art quicklygets to understand the meaning of this idiom. A still image can beused to convey the meaning of a complex idea more effectively thanusing words to describe the same idea. Artists use symbolism, lines,gesture, color, and composition to narrate a story. It is up to theobserver to interpret and create a story from the piece of art. Forexample, in this study paper I have used the moonlit night imagepainted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1889 and uses oil on canvas material.

Wheninterpreting this painting, a viewer starts by asking what can beseen, what is the subject, formal qualities and style used (Rideal,2015). From the image a church, trees, rolling hills, a large tree,buildings, the moon, swirls, and stars can be seen. The artist seemsto have painted the picture during the night at an elevated position.On the foreground is a town, on the mid-ground are hills and the onbackground is a sky filled with stars and one moon.

Symbolism,the colors, and lines used in this painting depicts calmness thus,symbolizing a peaceful night. The stars and the moon are painted inyellow and orange respectively in my interpretation I could say thisrepresent excitement. The night is calm for the sleeping town. Thetexture, shapes, waves and lines are also artistically laid out torepresent calm and excitement (Barrett, 2003).

Thepainting tells a story that depicts calm emotions and life at nightthrough the expressive brushstroke. The colors depict a night timesky that is peaceful with some excitement. The visible church tellsthat the town people are Christians. The wavy lines and swirls in thesky show movements, movement means the presence of life


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