Creating a Positive Work Environment

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Creatinga Positive Work Environment


Creatinga Positive Work Environment

Variousvariables determine whether a work environment is positive of not.The variables are embedded in an organization’s work culture,behavior and leadership approach (Shirley, 2006). Firstly, amanager’s role in creating a positive work environment embodiesfacilitating the development and implementation of an appropriatework culture. An appropriate work culture is that which is supportedby an effective communication system amongst employees as well asbetween employees and the management. It is also supported by theappropriate motivational structure. An appropriate motivationalstructure is that which focuses on meeting the intrinsic needs ofemployees as dictated by Maslow’s law of hierarchical needs or assupported by the human resource frame paradigm. The appropriate workculture is also supported by policies which focus on ensuring thatemployees’ diversities such as religion, race, culture andethnicity among others are respected by other employees and themanagement. This approach is important owing to the increased rate ofglobalization.

Secondly,a manager’s role in the creation of a positive work environmentincludes possessing the right behaviors and attitudes that arenecessary towards fulfilling the underlined role. Shirley (2006)discussed authentic leadership model which summarizes the behaviorsand attitudes required to create a positive work environment.Authentic leadership entails genuineness, reliability,trustworthiness and believability. A manager should also trustemployees enough to allow them to be proactive, innovative andautonomous while engaging in related processes and making decisions.

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Thedesirable characteristics of the manager to be hired should includethe flexibility in the approach to leadership. The manager should beable to demonstrate a firm grasp of the human resource frame model.He/she should possess attributes that are necessary towards inspiringemployees’ sense of belonging. The manager should have adequateexperience working in an environment consisting of employees withdiversified backgrounds.


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