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Corporate leadership meaning

Corporate leadership is an integral part of any organization acrossthe world. Organizations with the best corporate leadership are knownto be extremely successful. Corporate leaders must possess thenecessary skills essential for driving the organization or thecompany forward. Effective corporate leaders require the necessaryskills to motivate the employees. It is vital to define whatcorporate leadership entails before embarking on one company that hassuccessfully applied effective corporate leadership to succeed in acompetitive market (Berger &amp Palgrave Connect, 2014). Corporateleadership constitutes the guidance and the direction that is offeredby the top management team in any organization. The corporate leadersin an organization constitute the Chief Executive Officer, chairman,chief finance officer and the chief marketing officer. It is criticalto note that the team of corporate leaders may vary depending on theparticular organization. The corporate leaders of any organizationmade the decisions that seek to drive the organization forward(Lussier, 2013).

Corporate leadership at Apple

Apple Inc. under the corporate leadership of Tim Cook has managed toeffectively use corporate leadership to win a competitive advantagein a market that is highly competitive. Tim Cook and his group ofcorporate leaders at Apple Inc. have managed to sustain the culturethat was left by Steve Jobs. The company has remained in theforefront in terms of computer manufacturing. This is simply due tothe corporate leadership at Apple Inc. which is inspired by the CEOTim Cook (Berger &amp Palgrave Connect, 2014). The corporateleadership at Apple Inc. has used a number of strategies to recordthe success that it has. According to Tim Cook, the culture of AppleInc. is extremely vital in enhancing the success that the company hasrecorded over the years.

Reputation of the company

At the center of corporate leadership at Apple Inc. is the image andthe reputation of the company. The company presents itself as one ofthe best companies in social responsibility. The company, forinstance, encourages its employees to use rail and bus transportrather than using their vehicles in an effort to reduce airpollution. Employees who use rail transport to and from work aregiven free bus services to the rail stations (Lussier, 2013). This isa corporate move that is aimed at encouraging the employees to stopusing their vehicles which would contribute to air pollution. Thecarbon dioxide that is released by these vehicles to the atmosphereis immense. Additionally, the company has had a number of lawsuitsassociated with ethical issues. It is worth noting that the companyfights vigorously through various legal means to protect its image.One such instance is when the company was engaged in a legal battlewith Samsung over intellectual rights (Berger &amp Palgrave Connect,2014). The company won the case and was compensated. Besides thecompany seeking compensation, it is worth noting that the company wasprotecting its image. Another corporate step that the company hasembarked on is managing e-waste. It is evident that e-waste is one ofthe biggest environmental pollutant that is known today. It isessential for technology companies such as Apple to manage the wasteto avoid polluting the environment. The company requests clients whomay be willing to buy new IPods, computers, IPhone or any otherelectronic product from Apple to bring their old devices for properdisposal. It is essential to note that this is a corporate decisionthat is aimed at enhancing the image of the company. One thing thatthe corporate leadership at Apple Inc. understands is that a goodimage and company reputation translates to great sales. This isexactly what the company has managed to do through the corporatesocial responsibilities such as the ones described above (Lussier,2013).

Culture of creativity and innovation

Apple Inc. is known for the culture of creativity and innovation.This is a corporate culture that was left behind by former CEO SteveJobs and which the current CEO Tim Cooks guards vigorously. Thecorporate management at the company encourages innovation andcreativity amongst is employees through providing the necessaryenvironment and adequate resources (Lashinsky, 2014). This hasencouraged creativity which makes Apple Inc. to be at the forefrontin the computer and electronics industry. For instance, Apple wasable to produce the tablet computer which has given it an edge in thecompetitive market. It is clear that the desktop and laptop computersare now losing ground on the market and the visionary nature of thecorporate leaders at Apple were able to identify this. Other computercompanies are struggling marketing their desktop and laptop computerswhile Apple is flying high in sales of the tablet computer.Additionally, the innovation and creativity at the company resultedin the diversification of products into consumer electronics (Berger&amp Palgrave Connect, 2014). The company started producing highquality consumer electronics such as the Apple TV and the IPods. Thiscorporate leadership decision enhances the competitive advantage.

Integrity and honesty, as well as customer driven services

The culture of integrity, honesty and customer driven services is acorporate decision that the company has employed for many years andhas seen it rise above other computer companies in the market. Thecorporate management team ensures that the products with Apple brandare not only of high quality, but are sold to the clients ataffordable prices. This has put the company at the forefront in themarket. Apple products are an admiration of numerous people acrossthe world (Lashinsky, 2014). This is due to the consistent qualitythat has become the culture of the Apple Company. Additionally, thecompany’s corporate management encourages and instructs itsemployees to always treat customers with honesty and integrity. Thishas become the culture of the employees at Apple incorporation wherethey value customers and treat them with respect, honesty andintegrity.

Guarding the technology secrets behind the innovations

The last step on corporate leadership that Apple Inc. has taken isto keep its operations secretive. Despite the numerous innovative andrevolutionary products that the company has developed, little isknown about the technology behind them. According to Tim Cook the CEOof the company, the company guards the secrets behind its successsince they do not want anyone to copy them (Lashinsky, 2014). This isa culture that has been at Apple for many years and that have enabledthe company to succeed in its innovations. Some of the intellectualproperty theft cases have involved Apple’s competitors who havesought to steal innovations from Apple.

Future plans at Apple

The company’s future plans are clear. The company has no intentionof stopping to produce quality products across the world and tocontinue to be the world leader in computer manufacture and consumerelectronics sales. The company plans to continue selling therevolutionary products that were produced under the leadership ofSteve Jobs (Lashinsky, 2014). Such computers as Mac are expected tobe sold for the next foreseeable future. Tim Cook asserts that therewill be no much change to the company in the near future. The companyplan to continue creating new products that are customer driven andthat use modern technology. Additionally, the company seeks toenhance its corporate social responsibility and to enhance itscustomer relations.

Quality products production is in the future plans of the company.The corporate leaders at Apple are looking forward to the continuedproduction of quality products that will maintain the company at thetop leadership level that it has been at.


It is evident that effective corporate leadership is an essentialtool for any company. Any organization that is seeking success mustlook at its corporate leadership and enhance its management toencourage activities that will enhance sales and customer relations.It is clear that the leaders at the top of every company are thedecision makers and any time makes a wrong decision the company willultimately fail (Lashinsky, 2014). The corporate leadership of everycompany works towards enhancing its relationship with the customersand encouraging the employees. Apple Inc. has managed to use itscorporate leaders to enhance sales and creativity. The corporateleadership of any organization should look at the core areas such associal responsibility, customer relations, marketing, innovation andproduction of quality products as a way of enhancing competitiveadvantage (Berger &amp Palgrave Connect, 2014). Apple managed to useits corporate leadership to enhance the culture of creativity,innovation, customer relations, honesty, integrity, socialresponsibility and customer driven customer driven services toachieve the success that it has today.


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