Consultation and Supervision

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Consultationand Supervision

Consultationand Supervision


Supervisionentails the student discussing the case in full details with thesupervisor, who in turn instructs the student on how to go about theintervention (Hamric, et al, 2013). The supervisor closely monitorsthe progress of both the patient and the student and in case of anyerror of omission he is liable on a number of legal acts. This meansthe supervisee and the supervisor need to share all the detailsinvolving the case conclusively. Consultation on the other handinvolves an independent practitioner approaching a colleague todiscuss a case and receive helpful insight based on vast experienceof his colleague (Hamric, et al, 2013). Here the amount of detaildiverted may vary as the consultant only gives informed suggestionsand is not liable to any legal act.

Areconsultation and collaboration synonymous? Defend your response

Consultationis not the same as collaboration though they may seem like thereexist a minute resemblance. This is because, whereas in consultationone require to seek suggestions from peers and colleagues, incollaboration two people or teams work together to achieve a commongoal which is equally shared(Hamric, et al, 2013).

Inmy current nursing area, I have witnessed the young medicalpractitioners especially straight from college consulting with themuch experienced practitioners. This is especially on cases thatinvolve complex medical care or where the case has been previouslytreated in the same hospital.

Theabove criterion followed the graduate competence criteria since thereis a clear guidance that helps the graduate nurses for practice in areal hospital environment with all the dynamic changes taking place.This consultative practice based on broad knowledge sharing,facilitates that all patients attended are given high quality medicalcare as well as ensuring their safety in the hands of the newpractitioners (Hamric,et al, 2013).


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