Conflict Management in Change Implementation

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ConflictManagement in Change Implementation

ConflictManagement in Change Implementation

Inan ideal situation, health organizations cannot exist without propermanagement practice that comes through reorganization ofdepartmental. For the organization to succeed in its operations, itrequires the involvement of employees (nurses) to cope up withincreasing technological developments instituted during departmentalreorganization. Change, therefore, involve introducing new conceptsto contexts that already exist in the new environment (Reiss, 2012).Nurse leaders, therefore, can experience conflict when changeimplementation is initiated within departments.


Theright approach to dealing with change management has to distinguishclearly and substantiate the actual meanings of bad, most dangerous,good or best practices in an organization that will work efficientlyand effectively through involving nurses to participate. It isevident that lack of prior and proper communication, as well as theinvolvement of employees (nurses) through organizational change, cancause conflict in the organization (Patron and McCalman, 2008).Change implementation through departmental reorganization isparamount in health institutions, and as a nurse leader, employeesshould be given priority to participate, as well give them fullinformation about the change in the occurrence to minimize anyconflict that may exist.

Forthe new director to implement change within the departments, it isnecessary to implement key operational, tactical and strategicdecisions that call for an involvement of whole management team andemployees (nurses) through the process of efficient, quality, andcooperation during reorganization. As a nurse leader, it is necessaryto employ effective communication skills to manage the existingconflict in the organization. Deborah and David (1989) states thatwhen such conflicts that relate to change management exist, the mostappropriate way of to use as a leader is communication skill approachthat help in to handle such situations. As a leader, an efficientlistening and speaking skills are also vital measures used toovercome communication barriers between the parties.


Asa nurse leader, it is of great significance to involve everyemployee, as well as nurses by giving them an equal opportunity orchance to participate and present their ideas during departmentalreorganization. Individuals who are given an opportunity toparticipate in change implementation feel motivated, and minimizeconflict that may exist due to lack of involvement. A collective mindfrom employees and nurses helps in brainstorming, and coming up withthe best solutions required during the departmental reorganizationthat will both benefit the parties to their satisfaction.


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