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Althoughsome baseball players decline offers given to them and engage innegotiations to have their salaries increased, it is evident thatthese elite players are paid more than they should. Baseball may notbe as famous as some common games (such as football), but isrecognized as an all-season kind of sport. This is because baseballhas withstood challenges of all types, ranging from war (such as theWorld Wars) and economic depression that did not prevent players fromenjoying their favorite sport. The fact that baseball is perceived asamong the most effective type sports that helps people relax andforget the hardships of the world.

Therapid and irregular increase in the salary of the players is a uniquetrend that distinguishes baseball from other types of sports. Thisphenomenon can be attributed to a lack of a reliable model that clubscan use to determine the value of each player with a high level ofaccuracy. This has created a scenario in which clubs entice attractplayers to join them through higher salaries without understandingthe real market value of each layer. Clubs can use the model proposedin the present study determine the market value and the salary foreach layer using four valuables, including years of experience, runs,runs battle in, and on base percentage. For example, Daniel Murphyand Colby Rasmus were given an offer of $ 15.8 million, but theproposed model indicates that the two players were worth $7,186,073.55 and $7,003,149.67 respectively. This confirms the factthat elite baseball players are overvalued, which has resulted in thepayment of higher salaries than what the actual market value of theseplayers dictate.

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