Conceptual Frameworks

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Humanservice provider works hard to refine their program and policies sothey can meet the needs of their communities. An important step inthe development of services is research, but the approach and role inplace can vary according to an organization mission and philosophy.Human organizations are taking a divergent path and research method,both with the same goal to address the need for the community.According to the executive director of ministry to the community,they serve anyone in the community, and there are no requirements orreferral processes. They primarily serve people experiencing mentalillness and those in abuse of substances. In the last two years, theywere helping many people who have lost their jobs.

In1992, according to Terry McKay, CEO West Michigan Cancer Center,there was a need for very expensive radiation therapy equipment. Backthen, each equipment would cost approximately over a million dollars.However, some other city leaders get together and intended onbuilding joint venture so that there could be no duplicate of themachines in that area. The begging of human service agencyinfrastructure started with a psychiatric hospital in 1892, and therewere many people released to the community, but they did not have theskills to provide service for themselves. They started withunsheltered indigenous people where they served basic needs to them(Rich Furman, 2013).

Theydo not have a way of knowing how many people they have served sincethere is on tracking, but they do know how many services they haveoffered. They offer several services such as chemotherapy andradiation therapy. However, their research on cancer has a decreasein mortality. The human service will continue to evolve by compellingresearch the ways in which services are offered (Hasenfeld, 2010). 


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