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Ageopolitical community can either be human-made or natural. Naturalboundaries include lakes, forests, mountains and islands amongothers. The Human made include structural, legal or political innature. These can be narrowed down to roads, bridges, rails, canals,states, provincial etc. The community I reside is generally acombination of both human-made and natural aspects. The legal aspectof the geopolitical community is brought about by structuring intostates, counties and provinces. The states, counties and provincesbring about the geopolitical aspect of the community.

Aphenomenological community entails individuals who shareintrapersonal and interpersonal relations. They have a common featureas well as place. They have similar religious beliefs, occupation,ethnic origin, sexual orientation among others. For instance, the gaycommunity, Chinese community etc. In my region, ethnic origin is themain feature distinguishing communities. Additionally, religiousconcepts are a major distinguishing factor. Generally, religiousbeliefs and ethnic background distinguish communities mostly due tothe different cultures [ CITATION Fri16 l 1033 ].

Challengesto providing care

Nursestend to encounter challenges when administering care based on thedifferent communities. Some communities are defined by religiousbeliefs as well as cultural practices that do not encourage usage ofdrugs to cure illnesses. In that respect, nurses are forced toadminister cure forcefully.

Communitiesdefined by political views tend to pose another challenge. Forinstance, the government in charge may want to implement a medicalproject to benefit the community but end up facing opposition fromthe other party’s followers. Health nurses administering care haveto face up with such challenges.

Inthat respect, it is easier to administer care in a similar communityrather than different communities. Same communities share almostsimilar ideologies making it easier for health nurses.


Itis mandatory to have similar ideologies when it comes to mattershealth. Political views, religious beliefs can differ but medicalideologies need be identical. Communities having issues in thisaspect ought to be educated appropriately thereby making it easierfor health nurses.


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