Comparisons of Strategic Planning Across Organizations

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Comparisonsof Strategic Planning Across Organizations


Comparisonof Strategic Planning Across Organizations

TheCenters for Diseases Control and Prevention organization operatesunder the Departmental Health and Human Services (CDC, 2015). Themain aim of the organization is to protect the United States againsthealth-related risks within the country as well as from othercountries. CDC is a large organization with several branches withinthe United States and other countries. Its size is also measured interms of the number of programs it facilitates as well as theresources it uses to facilitate them. It is also a large organizationthat offers employment opportunities to over 1,000 people in eachcountry it operates in (CDC, 2015). CDC’s strategic planning islikely to revolve around its financial performances, especially inforeign countries. The organization has been in the limelightregarding massive financial irregularities in foreign countries suchas Kenya.

Coca-ColaCompany is company manufacturing soft drinks such as Fanta and Spriteamong others. It is similar to CDC in the sense that they are bothlarge in size, has international branches, and employs more than1,000 employees in every place they operate. They both have theirheadquarters in the United States. The human resources of bothorganizations are highly diversified owing to the fact that theyoperate in various foreign countries. However, the strategic planningprocesses of the two companies are likely to consider differentfactors. Coca-Cola faces increased challenges from competitors suchas Pepsi. Moreover, a lot of companies are coming up in the beverageindustry. Whereas the strategic planning process of CDC is likely tofocus on developing appropriate financial management strategies,Coca-Cola is likely to focus on developing appropriate marketingstrategies for overcoming the challenges in the market.


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