Comparison and contrast between Jen Stark and Henry Moore

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Comparisonand contrast between Jen Stark and Henry Moore

Comparisonand contrast between Jen Stark and Henry Moore

Thispaper will aim to bring the similarities as well as the differencesbetween the works of two sculptors namely Jen Stark and Henry Moore.It will base on two works that each of the individuals made whilehighlighting the artistic perspective that the persons had whiledoing the pieces of art. The paper will also intently discuss thekind of message that the artists aimed to put across, where possiblewhile at the same time be intent on ensuring that the viewersperspective is not used to generalize the kind of message of thesculptures, if not provided.

JenStark is a famous sculptor born in the year 1983 in Miami. She ismuch into the works of creating sculptures by the use of paper, amove that is quite thrilling. However, her works also involve makinganimations and drawings (Barronet. al, 2012).Her works are mostly motivated by the idea of echoing patterns,infinity and replication as well as intelligent designs that arefound in nature. Henry Moore, on the other hand, was a sculptor fromEngland born in the year 1898. His works were normally abrasions fromthe images of a human being, and most of them had an inclinationtowards a mother and son (Moore,et al., 2010).The works also have a nature in which they depict the female body ina suggestive way. Most of his sculptors also have an element ofpiercing or hollow spaces in them.

Boththe artistic works of Jen Stark and Henry Moore have an element ofsimilarity in that they are drawn from the general nature and have adeep representation of the shapes of different elements found withinthe environment. Both of them also made sculptures that are quiteenormous as compared to smaller ones. This was mostly because bothartists have an element of thinking things from a huge perspectiveand, therefore, the resultant effect. In contrast, while Henry Mooreworked on materials such as stones and wood to create his carvings,Jen Stark, on the other hand, applies the use of paper to make hersculptures. The work of Stark also bears heavily colored patternsthat are quite appealing to the eye while the Moore leaves hissculpture to bear the original color of the material used.

Oneof the works of art done by Stark includes the sculpture that is madeby Stark is the Over and Out. It resembles the petals of an openflower in rainbow colors.

Photoof ‘Over and Out’ Sculpture by Jen Stark (

Itis made of artistically cut out papers that are well arranged todepict an infinite beauty that colored pieces of paper can present.These colors are hand painted in acrylic. Here, Stark aimed to showthe level aestheticism that is presented by the rainbow, especiallyin the countryside, where there is enough time to sit and marvel atthe wonders of nature. She was categorical in the blending of colorsand set out to include the ones that would drive the point home quiteclearly. The audience of this form of sculpture is mostly childrenand nursing mothers owing to the deep pictorial and imagery that ispresented by such as sculpture. Stark is mostly motivated by the factthat simple items such as papers can be used to depict deep issuesthat at times are taken quite lightly. This sculpture is compared tothat of Henry Moore, which is known as Draped Reclining Woman.

Photoof the sculpture of Draped Reclining Woman by Henry Moore (Source:(Tate, 1957)

Thesculpture is placed in Munich, Germany. Be It was made out of thesculptor’s continual theme of spatial freedom and express repose.Moore asserted that a reclining figure can recline on any surface andtherefore, it is stable and free at the same time (Tate, 1957). Thisaspect can shed a light on the motivation that Moore had while comingup with the sculpture. He must have intended to send a message aboutthe importance of piece since it offered a chance for an individualto experience some element of freedom (Moore,et al., 2011). The fact that the image is reclining points a viewthat people may be having their different perspective on issues butas long as they do not infringe on the rights of others, they arefree to harbor such beliefs. The intentional representation of awoman in the sculpture can, also, not be overlooked. Here, it can beargued that he aims to show an element of emotions in the messagethat he tries to put across. The intended audience for this kind ofmessage is mostly those who hold on the vice of infringing the rightsand private space of other people without any worthwhile reason fordoing so.

Aboutthe Over and Out sculpture, both of them have an element to do withwomen in one way or another. Both of them also represent elementsfound within nature. However, while the Over and Out is made ofpapers painted in acrylics, the Draped Reclining Woman sculpture ismade of stone and has no form of painting. It is also quite massivecompared to the former. Both sculptures are, however quite polishedto fit the modern times.

Anothersculpture that is made by Stark is known as Triny, which was carvedin the year 2011. The sculpture is made of wood dowels, resin, andacrylic paint. It measures 14 by 25 by 25 inches. Here, Stark alsomaintains the theme of using beautiful rainbow colors but alsoincludes the aspect of a 3-dimention representation of the painting.The painting seems to be quite appealing to children owing to itsbeautiful and show of innocence nature. It is one of the mostacknowledged sculptures by Stark. Trinity(2011) sculpture by Jen Stark (

Thissculpture is compared to that of Henry Moore, known as King andQueen. The sculpture was made of bronze in the year 1952. It showsthe images of two figures one man and one woman seated next to eachother and in full harmony (Barronet. al, 2012). It mostly sends a message to couples on the essence ofmaintaining a full cordial relationship among them so as to prosper.The sculpture has a semblance with that of Trinity in that both ofthem bear some element of naivety and innocence, mostly associatedwith children. However, there is a distinct difference between thetwo sculptures as they are made of different materials and while thatof Trinity is quite colorful, the King and Queen Sculpture ironicallydraws its beauty from its dullness.

Kingand Queen sculpture by Henry Moore (Source:


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