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Speech Iconic Events that have Occurred on March 31 in World History


Questions to Ask Yourself


Speaker Commitment to the Subject

How important is the subject to the speaker?

  1. The subject is important to speaker as she reviews iconic events that occurred on the same day as her birthday in history. She notes that the events were originally criticized and disregarded as unessential, but they later became important historic events, just like she plans to make her birthday a memorable one by becoming a person of international repute.

Appropriateness for Audience and Occasion

Is the topic and delivery relevant and useful to the audience?

The topic delivered is important and relevant to the audience as can be evidenced by the clapping appreciation after the presentation. In addition, the audience listens to her speech without interrupting.

Clear Purpose

Can you identify the goal(s) the speaker has for delivering the speech?

  1. Prove that her birthday is on a day that is famous in history for occurring events that have substantially changed human history.

  2. She wants to prove that even successful events often face criticism. Both the Eiffel Tower and the Matrix movie received negative criticism despite their international reputation.

  3. She plans to become one of the most influential person in oral history

Fresh Point of View

Does the speech challenge the audience to think about something in a new way?

  • The speech challenges the audience to think of the speaker as one of the people who will make milestones in oral history

  • That disapproval should not prevent one to become achieve success as the Eiffel Tower and Matrix movie rose to international fame despite the negative criticisms


Does the speaker tell the truth and have the best interest of the audience at heart?

  • The speaker tells accurate details of the tower and the movie, so she has the best interest of the audience


Does the speech content provide new information supported by facts, statistics, and so-on?

  • She draws the influence of the events prior to the launch of the movie and the tower to prove that she was born in a day that has reputation for the inception of iconic events in the world. For example, French’s intellectuals and established artists had disapproved the design before it became an international icon. Similarly, the Matrix movie also received negative reviews before it was selected as one of the greatest sci-fi films in history.


Is the flow of information given in the speech well organized so the speech flows from one topic to the next?

  • The speech is well organized and flows from one topic to the other

  • Begins with the relationship of the movie, the tower and her date

  • Explains the Eiffel Tower, then the movie and their relationship to her birthday

  • She concludes by claiming that she also intends to make her birthday iconic by becoming an influential personality in the oral history discipline

March31 is an important date in history as there are two main famousevents that have occurred in the world. One of the events is theopening of the Eiffel Tower. The structure became an internationalmonument on March 31, 1889. Similarly, the Matrix movie began itsjourney to become an international icon on March 31, 1999, after itslaunch in the United States. Although the speaker talks about herbirthday as an iconic, she remains focused on the subject because shebriefly describes the events that occurred when she was delivered. Inmy view, she creates the interruption of the subject to attract theattention of the listeners, as well as keep them interested in thetopic. Her speech presentation skills are impressive because sheunderstands the way to keep the audience interested in her speech. Infact, she opens the speech by asking the audience a rhetoricalquestion intended to raise suspense. She leaves the audience curiousregarding the ideal relationship in her birthday that would match thefame of both the Eiffel Tower and the Matrix movie. I also believethat the topic she addresses is essential in the oral history classbecause the audience does not interrupt her during the presentation.In addition, she the listeners claps in appreciation of her speechafter the presentation.


Inmy opinion, the speaker intends to prove that the date of herbirthday, March 31, is famous in history for the occurrence ofsignificant events that have substantially changed the human history. Also, she wants to prove that even successful events often facecondemnation. Both the Eiffel Tower and the Matrix movie receivednegative criticism, but it did not prevent them to reachinternational reputation.

FreshPoint of View

Thespeech challenges the audience to think of the speaker as one of thepeople who will make milestones in oral history. Moreover, thespeaker wants to assert that disapproval should not prevent one tobecome or achieve success as the Eiffel Tower and Matrix movie roseto international fame despite the negative reviews.


Thespeaker tells accurate details of the tower and the movie, so she hasthe best interest of the audience. For example, the dates the eventswere launched in 1889 and 1999 are accurate respectively. Additionally, the monument and the movie are also internationallyrecognized for making major milestones in human history. Forinstance, Eiffel Tower is a famous tourist attraction in France. Onthe other hand, Matrix movie is one of the greatest science fictionsin the world. It won the National Film Registry award in 2012, so itis among the movies that are preserved.


Thespeaker draws the influence of the events before the launch of thefilm and the tower to prove that she was born on a day that has areputation for the inception of iconic events in the world. Forexample, French’s intellectuals and established artists haddisapproved the design before it became an international landmark andtourist attraction in France. Similarly, the Matrix movie alsoreceived negative reviews before it was selected as one of thegreatest sci-fi films in history. She uses the outcome of the eventsto prove that humans can also achieve anything they dream of lifeprovided they have the determination to overcome the discouragementscritics may give.


Thespeech is well organized and flows from one topic to the other. Iparticularly like the way she creates suspense on her listeners byasking them rhetoric questions. She then proceeds to explain therelationship of the tower, the movie and her birthday. She actuallyconcludes by saying that her birthday could be an exception becauseshe is yet to become a famous personality in the oral historysubject.


Thespeaker can enhance her speech presentation skills by refraining fromfidgeting during speech presentation. The gestures of crossing legsas well as the uncoordinated forward and backward steps indicatenervousness. She should also incorporate tonal variation to stress onsignificant dates and events in history. Lastly, she speaks very fastand does not give her audience an opportunity to ask questions. Ipropose that in her subsequent speech, she can make it moreattractive by using gestures and voice variation. One of the speechpresentation cues I like about the speaker is her sense of humor andattribution of significant historical events to her birthday. Theaudience laughs at her hilarity and stays calm up to the end becauseshe has already created suspense using her opening remarks. Inaddition, she keeps the description of events clear and brief in away that she will not lose her audience to lengthy explanations. Herresearch is also well done and accurate. Finally, she maintains goodeye contact with her audience as she just glances at her notes andthen returns her focus on the audience.


Duringa persuasive on the importance of allowing workers to conduct theirduties from home through telecommuting, a survey before the speechmay help to know the feelings of the audience. A survey before thespeech indicates that 80% of the employees are judged by the tasksthey perform rather than managing others. Therefore, their absencefrom the workplace would not have negative effects on the performanceof their activities.

Thereis evidence that a good number of the workers may make it difficultto achieve the desired goals. Only 40% of the audience considerstheir homes more tranquil than their workplaces. It means that 60%would rather work in their office rather from home. It is a setbackfor the project.

Duringspeech preparation, I would base my points on the factors that relateto the audience supporting my course (Frankel, 2015). Analyzing theirresponses regarding the importance of working from home would beimperative. For example, 70% of the audience lives more than10 milesfrom the workplace. It means that they are likely to experiencetraffic jams and increased fuel costs. Making a point on howtelecommuting saves on fuel and time will capture the support of the70%. Also, the 80% of the audience who believe that their work istask based rather than management will support the course if thespeech addresses their interests. I would also try to avoid pointswith very low support, for example, introducing the aspect of homesbeing more serene than workplaces. It would result to loss of supportfor the preceding points.

Theeye contact maintained by the audience is an indication that they arewith me in the issue (Frankel, 2015). For example, the pointindicating the role of telecommuting saving gasoline and controllingpollution elicits eye contact from some members of the audience. Themembers` posture of sitting upright is an indication that they areinterested in the speech. Most of them look interested when pointingout on how to improve productivity from home by having a home office.

Duringthe speech, some behaviors depict opposition to the topic. Forexample, there IS one member of the audience who folds his hands andlooks to the clock on the wall an indication that the speech shouldnot take a lot of his time. The point that telecommuting increasesemployee productivity does not auger well with him. I would not dwellso much on such points after observing such a behavior since takingthe time to explain them may make the opposers have a prejudicialperception that even the other points are against their work beliefs.

Otherexpressions are more than just opposition or support. For example,the individual looking at the clock exhibits the indication that thespeech should not take long (Frankel, 2015). Also, the members wholook confused after indicating that members who use telecommutingreduce their estate footprint is an indication that they the speechneeds to go into some details and explain the point.

Whendelivering the speech to another audience, I will capitalize on thefeedback o the audience. For example, the member who wantedreferences to support the claims gives insight that having data tosupport the speech will be instrumental. Having facts from provenworkplace practices that show increase productivity after embracingtelecommuting would give the speech a credible foundation.

IfI don’t get feedback from the audience, I would casually approachthem and informally discuss their feeling towards the speech. Forexample, during refreshments, I could approach a group of people andintroduce the discussion. There is a high possibility of themcommenting on the points that they support and the ones they oppose.Feedback is important because it gives one the general feeling of theaudience towards the topic. It also helps one to determine whetherthe speech achieved its objective (Frankel, 2015). Finally, thefeedback can help in improving the speech in case one has to deliverit to another group.



General Purpose

Specific Purpose


How marriages have changed since the 60s


The purpose of this speech is to inform the audience and the trends that have changed in marriage from 1960 to date

The institution of marriage has continued to change due to the emergent challenges that were not there in the past.

Persuade Audience

To persuade the audience to effectively deal with the challenges in their marriages to make them last for long

People can deal can maintain strong marriages in the new era since the problems posing threat to this institution are known. Addressing them can revert the escalation dissolutions.


The purpose f the speech is to share with members some of the hilarious excuses that people make to stay away from their marriages and how they have changed with time.

The excuses that people made to dissolve their marriages have been changing with time because of the new challenges that people face.



Althoughmany schools in the United States do teach students about healthyeating habits, junk foods should be banned in American academicinstitutions as a way of reducing childhood obesity because childrenwill be forced to adopt healthy eating habits both at school and attheir homes.

Healthychildren are the base of a healthy nation. However, the U.S.Department of Health &amp Human Services statistics indicates thatover 78.6 million (34.9% or a third) of the Americans are obese. Obesity costs the American economy billions of dollars regardingtreatment and lost labor hours. The condition causes secondarydiseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiac conditions associatedwith being overweight. Educating the students has become ineffectivebecause the majority of schools undermine the information by servingthe students with the same unhealthy diets. Moreover, students oftenprefer to eating fat fatty foods because they are affordable comparedto the natural diets. Health experts assert that students willquickly adapt to eating healthy foods once they cannot access them inschools. Furthermore, introducing students to healthy eating habitsensures they maintain the culture even in adulthood. Although manyschools in the United States do teach students about healthy eatinghabits, junk foods should be banned in American academic institutionsas a way of reducing childhood obesity because children will beforced to adopt healthy eating habits both at school and at theirhomes.


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