Communicating to the Upper Management

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Advancing an idea to upper management is an imperative and often amultifaceted aspect thus, one needs to attain it in an effectivemanner. To convince the management that an idea is feasible andprofitable, one needs to conduct a great study and technical service.However, accomplishing technical service and conducting greatresearch is not a guarantee that one will accomplish success sincethe technique of conveying the ideas is overly important. In thisregards, I would utilize an executive memorandum to advance the ideason improving patient care to the upper management. An uppermanagement often assesses an idea from a feasible and a profitableviewpoint hence, it is imperative to present the idea in the mostquantifiable, qualitative, committed, and convincing manner.

A memorandum presents ideas in a coherent synopsis, usuallyarticulated in a logic manner and following a course deemed forexecutive articulation (Ting-Toomey, 2012). As such, the memorandumwould allow me to explain all the details of improving patient carein a methodical and effective manner as well as allow me to point allthe challenges and the implications of the advancement. In addition,the memorandum would permit me to provide all details on theramifications of the care advancement usually giving the management achance to review all sides and not the resources required for such anadvancement. Most importantly, the memorandum would allow themanagement to evaluate the issues raised and write a briefing notefrom an impartial public service viewpoint. In this regards, thememorandum is the most significant and comprehensive communicationtool to advance the ideas to the management, as it would allow thepresentation of recommendations, acknowledgements, briefing notes fordecisions, and identification of ideas related to public policies.


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