Climate Change

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Ingeneral, climate change is a threat to living things because it willlead to disasters that will affect life on earth. The development ofpolicies includes ensuring clean power production plan. Thesepolicies will lead to reduced release of carbon dioxide that is themain cause of climate change. Each state of the United States ofAmerica was assigned a certain unique CO2emission reduction target that will result in the final goal ofreducing carbon emission by 32% by 2030. The federal state shouldtake the lead in making policies that will govern energy use,treatment of energy waste from industries and production of saveenergy. The reason is that the federal government has the resourcesand it can allocate some funds in implementing the developedpolicies, rules and regulations. My argument is based on the capacityof the developer of this regulations to be able to make themapplicable and oversee their implementation.

Previouslythe Republican Party did not show any efforts towards finding asolution to the issue of climate change. The effects due to climatechange have become evident and, therefore, the issue needs to besorted out as soon as possible. Some of the conservatives in theRepublican Party have begun to see the sense and, therefore, they arestarting to show their interest in the topic by breaking theirsilence and addressing matters regarding climate change. Initially,the Republican Party members may not have had an interest inaddressing issues to deal with climate change but I think, they arepossibly going to change their tactics for them to gain the favour ofthe people.

Currently,most United States citizens are aware of the dangers of climatechange. Therefore, ignoring to address the topic may reduce theircommand on the people`s choice for leadership. This reason willprobably change the conservative`s ideology and start responding tothe longtime problem of climate change. Already some of theconservatives like Jay Faison who is an entrepreneur from Charlottein North Carolina have started to address the issue. He is reportedto bring to the public notice in July 2015, their intention to spendabout 175 million US dollars in making advancements toward climatechange.

Ithink the republicans have realized the negative impact that willhold back their campaigns if they ignore to address the issue ofclimate change. The democrats who are their opponents will use theweapon against them of which they are not willing to face. Thespeeches that have been made in public have challenged theconservatives. For instance, Pope Francis challenged theconservatives to think of the impacts due to humans on climatechange. The pope`s message was supported by other 300 evangelicalleaders hence showing the importance of the matter.

Doingthis assignment has helped to read widely and get more knowledge onthe science behind climate change and global warming. It has enabledme to learn on how to a part of good environment keepers in ensuringthat we prevent environmental pollution as much as possible. Theassignment has also helped me advance in my historical studies. Ihave studied the origin of the current problem, how it developed tillnow when it`s almost becoming a threat to human life. Studying theorigin of a problem helps in finding the solutions to the problems.


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