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Health and Social Care 8


Healthand Social Care for Patients with Special Needs

RehabGroup Center is entirely a non-profit health care facility located inIreland with various medical practitioners who offer services toindividuals with special needs in the community. The organizationprovides therapeutic and other medical services almost in all areastreatment because as a community center, reaching people withdifferent medical needs explains the basis of its foundation(Zimbelmanet al., 2010).The medical staffs at the hospital primarily enjoy variousopportunities following a comprehensive range of services that itprovides. Notably, it is one of the most highly valued healthcarecenters in the region due to the quality of services. As such,customers become satisfied, a factor that explains the constantincrease of patients served on a daily basis. Medication to patientswith special needs is one of the key areas that is known for highcosts in various healthcare facilities. The need to manage itproperly is a concern and a challenge to hospital management as wellas Rehab centers. Some of the suggestions put forth to address thisissued include the hospital’s finance leaders to understand thatthis is a challenging area and that the physicians always go for thetreatment options available.

Therising number of cases of patients with special needs in the UK callsfor the State’s intervention. As a result, proper managementrequires the finance officers, be informed of such conditions as wellas the treatment options available since the resulting cost can betoo high (Thomson&amp Jackson, 2007).The whole management process requires a coordinated teamwork effortright from the administrators all through to therapeutic or clinicalofficers who bear much of the responsibility. For instance, byparticipating in the analysis of the protocols, the leaders can offersensible advice to the physicians regarding the best andcost-effective treatment options. Practically, going for thetreatment options is predetermined by economic analysis performed todetermine which option best explains the most effective treatmentalternative based on the shared vision, team communication, and thematerial support needed. The primary challenge for the hospital’sfinance leaders relates to building a strong and supportive cultureas well as establishing a platform upon which the clinical officersare advised to identify and explore the newest options geared towardsincreasing quality while keeping the costs to a minimum. The cost,therefore, forms part of the administrative concerns, and for thispurpose, the health administrators and finance leaders are beingenlightened on the need to adopt a cost-effective treatment approachto mitigate costs within the Rehab Group Center.

OrganizationalHierarchy, Leaders, Stakeholders, and Communication Type

Thefunctionality of this facility is grounded on a typicalorganizational structure. Most importantly, the fact that allhospitals hold peoples’ lives in their hands leads to anacknowledgment that the need to deliver a high-quality service issignificant (Finley, Ivanitskaya, &amp Kennedy, 2007). With thisnecessity at their disposal, the hierarchy adopted at Rehab GroupCenter is entirely an organizational structure. The more the manymanagement layers are, the better the service it provides. Thestructure supports the idea of exactness and correctness of any taskexecuted.

Atthe summit, the board of directors who oversee the affairs of theorganization leads the facility. The Center is run by the board,which comprise of key influential members, clergy leaders, and theleaders of the local community. Below them are the executives who aremandated to make daily decisions regarding the state of the center,and are very critical in the formation of core management. Thefacility has various executives such as chief medical officers,nursing officers, information officers, financial officers,operational officers all of who report to the chief executive officer(CEO) of the hospital.

Departmentaladministrators who are busy on day-to-day activities of the hospitalfollow the officials. In each department within the facility, thereare patient care managers who are solely responsible for the overallcare of the patients. For instance, the hospital has a nurse manager,and the overall duty is to supervise other staffs in ensuring thatpatients receive the best care. Lastly, the frontline managerscommonly referred to as service providers usually comprise of allworkers who deal with the patients face-to-face. For instance, RehabGroup Center has competent nurses, therapists among others, and theyare very much concerned with safety and the patients’ health.

Increasingthe stakeholders’ wealth is unlikely and does not apply to RehabGroup Center. The key stakeholders of the facility include thepatients, all the staff members (employees), surrounding thecommunity, regulatory agencies, and the physicians. According toConnie,Curran and Totten (2010), the stakeholders usually have a positiveinfluence over the affairs of the organization because they havefixed and absolute interest for success. Besides, they have differentexpectations unlike profit organizations (Connie,Curran &amp Totten, 2010). Communications is of equal importance inall organizations, and so, it applies to Rehab Group Center as well.The communication applicable is that of top-bottom. A communicationtype of this kind results in reduced communications errors orconfusions that would be costly. With this, a clear reporting channelestablished.

Cultureand Climate of Rehab Group Center

Organizationalculture is crucial, and the prevailing culture at Rehab group centeris built on its core values that are determined by its integrity,reverence, compassion, and excellence. The culture that is alwayspracticed in the center include passage of a smile through joyfulgreetings, show the way, respect to private matters of everyone, anexpression of appreciation by thanking people, respect to allirrespective of the status, always in a safe and healing environment,and keeping in touch. In other words, the culture is established onsuperb customer service, organizational ethics, and integrity(Carroll &amp Rudolph, 2006) all of which are represented in thecore values. Teamwork has been singled out as the key to hospital’sexcellence. The climate surrounding the organization is favorablesince it is free from influences of large mountains and water bodies.However, the hospital is ready to deal with emergencies arising fromseasonal complications.

Thenational policies and guidelines relevant to the delivery of thisservice.&nbsp

Reimbursementin Rehab Group Center as well as in healthcare is taking a centerstage given the current and the past state of affairs, and from thelook of things, there is a likelihood that shortly, there will be adrastic change. The shift is made from fee for any service renderedby the quality of service offered. Quality service is considered tobe a better way of managing patient’s diseases or disabilities, andfor this matter, unnecessary costs resulting from poor quality healthservices can be eliminated. The insurers irrespective of whether theyare privately-owned or governmental will consider this a viableapproach to ensuring price are matched with quality. According toAmir (2014), the Rehab Group Center finance leaders, as well as theadministrators, are much concerned with the identification ofpossible options that allow for quality treatment while at the sametime keeping the cost to a minimum. Since the healthcarereimbursement is all paying for the quality of service, the aim is toreduce the financial gains by particular physicians who always longfor the opportunity to charge the patients as they so wish. It is,therefore, clear that the key individuals mentioned in the articlesuch as the finance leaders and the administrators of the hospitalmore willing to embrace the culture of the cost-reduction treatmentprocess to patients with disabilities.

Thereis the need for the administrators to participate in analyzingvarious protocols by applying their informed understanding on mattersthat regards cost-effective alternatives. Realistically, this iswhere the current Rehab Group Center/healthcare reimbursement isheaded. A consideration that minimizes costs worth undertaking. Thehealthcare payment, though complex, presents a framework upon whichpayments for the services can be obtained. With the involvement ofthe Center’s administrators, the complicated procedures amountingto high treatment cost can be abolished, and instead, a proper planis sought (Guterman&amp&nbspDobson,1986).The future of healthcare reimbursement looks great as it works tomeet the needs of patients in reducing the costs in the wholetreatment process. In one way or the other, value or quality must beexchanged with the cost of service. All these explain the necessityof improving the outcome of the individuals in any treatment activitythat they engage in while in their professional duty.

Theimpact of new technology on the service rendered by Rehab GroupCenter

TheAffordable Care Act that enactment in 2010 resulted in more patientsto doctors, and due to technological advancement, there is anecessity to have software that aids in treatment services disabilitypatients. Nextech is a known company, which providestechnology-driven services for the single reason of boosting thequality of medical care services rendered unto the patients. Thesoftware is critical in E-Prescribing, Financial Accounting, LabIntegration, Surgery Center Management, Scheduling, Insurance andE-Billing, Credit Card Processing Patient among others. The companydevelops the software that fits the needs of the physicians. Thesoftware contributes to smooth, and uninterrupted flow of workincreases the output of every doctor or therapist as well asheightening patient engagement. The software is capable of handlingvarious tasks associated with the high influx of patients inhospitals since it can handle both individual and administrativeworkflows.

Thesoftware provides services such as scheduling of activities, whichallows an integration of operations in different specialties anelectronic record keeping software, that allows integration ofsystems and provides electronic data and information keeping suchscanning to identify patients, medical history, integratedprescriptions among others. Billing is a vital component ofintegrated health care systems that serves to provide claims andpayment upon receiving the necessary information from the physicians(Zinnet al., 2003).Nextech provides support systems that continuously monitor computersystems of the clients in different departments where patients areattended to fix any problem found.


Itis evident that the Rehab Group Center almost has what it takes toprovide the necessary service to patients with special needs. Somereasons like proximity to customers, accessibility, low-cost service,state-of-art facilities among others best explain the facility. Asthe Ireland population continues to rise, the service level of thecenter needs to increase as well. The core values reflect what theRehab Group Center is out to achieve, and when they are followed bythe latter, the center will surpass other healthcare providers in theregion. Quality is also the critical issue, and any drift cancompromise the quality. Otherwise, for Rehab Group Center to succeed,they must, therefore, take into consideration a collaborative processthat incorporates competent individuals in finance, procurement,management, medical practitioners, pharmacy, quality assurance team,and the patient.


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PersonalDevelopment Plan SWOT Analysis


Performance- I am best at performance whether in a challenging workplace. I never take things for granted, and always challenged to put up top performance to achieve the best result.

Good analytical skills- my ability to understand the situation by showing an eye for detail and stay determined until the completion of tasks. Also, my unique approach to problems and providing concrete solutions to problems such that every party remains satisfied is outstanding.

Superb communication skills- the skill is useful to me when handling clients/customers, or even my interpersonal relationship at the workplace is outstanding.

Continuous improvement- having noted that a mistake is to human beings, I always strive to minimize repetitive mistakes through my consistent desire in doing things with minimal errors each time.

Overcoming challenges- to my best knowledge and understanding, I consider overcoming challenges as my greatest achievement.


Fear of failure- I find it much hard to contain anxiety especially in areas that require my best performance.

Inflexible working hours- with the technological advancement, there are certain duties that are handled virtually well using the internet, but management insists that daily reporting is necessary hence I just do it as a formality in trying to fulfill job requirements.

Solitude- I always prefer being in an isolation state especially when stressed up or when things fail to work out for me, and my colleagues attribute this as a weakness, in which I agree.

Direct expression of discontentment- I am much vulnerable in communicating my dissatisfaction or mistreatment or disagreement at the workplace.

Sociability- extreme socialization is my weakness, but the influence of my experienced colleagues will soon make me overcome it.


Setting a standard target- this is the surest way that I can maximize my strengths and test my productivity.

Promotion- there is a looming opportunity for personal development when I do my best, and this is through promotion.

Practicing new ideas- the nature of problems sometimes demands application of new ideas that can make a difference.

Taking chances- always complaining about weaknesses do not help, and therefore, by taking my chances to correct certain weaknesses is crucial.

Identified with my current company is my preference and I intend to leave a legacy. It is the perfect opportunity to grow.

Applying technology in solving problems- there is an opportunity to utilize the technology through extensive research to determine the solutions to some management problems.


My weaknesses such as sociability, solitude, and dissatisfaction with inflexible working hours demand immediate address to avoid exposing me to many problems.

Manipulation- sometimes, the management, and fellow colleagues can major on my weaknesses for their gains and hence, it remains a threat.

Incompetency- failure to handle my weaknesses well is likely to render me incompetent, and it may be a big disappointment.

Facing the management and expressing your discontentment has been one of the obstacles overcame by most of the prominent people and so mine is indifferent.

PersonalDevelopment Plan

Current Position:

Date Started:

Career mission statement (what you intend to accomplish and why)

To be a creative thinker who always aspire to be part of a growth- oriented organization and fully participate in its activities without bias or pride and be part of its success as a person who can be relied on and trusted.

Major career goals (what you need to accomplish in the medium term to further your mission)


To champion strategic initiatives in health rehabilitation center to meet the needs of patients with special needs in my department of work.




To improve my skills and expertise in career field




To excel in a fast-paced environment faster without shifting industries




To gain promotion from my current job position




To yield to the demands of the job by upgrading qualifications




To become a benchmark to many others who watch on me.



Skills Audit

C: I need to improve this skill/competency

D: I need to put in considerable work to develop this skill/competency

E: I need to acquire this skill/competency

A: I have accomplished this skill/I demonstrate high competence

B: I have this skill/competency but some improvements could be made

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