Citizenship and stewardship

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The term “human rights” is an extremely common phrase across theUnited States. My understanding of human rights is that these arestandards without which people cannot lead a dignified life. Humanrights are inalienable which means that as long as one lives, he orshe must have these rights. Additionally, I understand that humanrights are indivisible and they cannot be denied because they seemless important. In the United States I understand human rights tocomprise the right to religion, assemble, right to offer opinions,right to education and employment. Another critical human right isthe lack of discrimination on the basis of race, color, sexualorientation or gender (Geer &amp Schiller, 2013). This definition isbased on the definitions and interpretations provided by theinternational treaties such as the United Nations. Additionally, Icame to have this definition as a result of the continued discussionsregarding human rights in the US. Some of the examples of rights Ihave given are as a result of the discussions on poplar mediaregarding human rights.

Racial disparities in the criminal justice: This is an extremelyimportant topic in the human rights watch report. It is clear thatthe people of color especially the black Americans are mainlytargeted by the law enforcement agencies. The population of theblacks in the prisons is almost two thirds (Geer &amp Schiller,2013). This is an important topic to me especially being a non-white.It is my right to be treated fairly by the law enforcement officers.My skin color or race should not be used as a basis for incriminatingme. This topic is important to me considering that I will encounterlaw enforcement officers and I might be arrested or even jailed evenwhen I have committed no crime. This topic is equally important sincethe discrimination of the people of color is against the law. TheAmerican constitution states clearly that each and every person isequal before the law and that people should not be discriminated onthe basis of their skin color or race.

The topic of rights of non citizens is also an essential oneconsidering that am a non citizen. It is critical for the USgovernment to ensure that the non-citizens are entitled to theirhuman rights. In other words, the government should ensure that theforeigners are not denied rights which would ensure that they lead adignified life.

The federal government has the responsibility of ensuring that thepeople are guaranteed of their human rights. This can be achievedthrough establishing policies and laws that prohibit discriminationof the people based on their skin color, race, religion or evensexual orientation. Considering that such laws are already there, itis the role of the federal government to enhance theirimplementation. Law enforcement officers must also be trained ontheir role in treating all people equally. As a person, it is my roleto fight for my rights and to speak out wherever I feel that I ambeing denied my rights.

I have learnt various human rights that are enshrined in theconstitution. Additionally, I have learnt the role that theinternational treaties such as the United Nations play in thedevelopment of human rights. It is also clear from the research thatI have done that the government has a role to play in protecting therights of the people.


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