China and Japan Political and Economic Development

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Chinaand Japan Political and Economic Development

Chinaand Japan Political and Economic Development

Japanand China, though very close neighbors have passed through astruggled path of economic and political relations through world warsand cold war periods. China took the communist stance embracing Maodoctrines which were influenced by Karl Marx-Leninist philosophy aswell as proletariat dictatorship in governing China. Japan on theother hand had suffered defeat in World War II and relied on USgovernment support to reconstruct its political and economic might.

Afterthe World War II Japan signed the security treaty with the USA todemilitarize Japan, and prevent any relations with mainland China.The deal with the US enabled the Japanese political and economicarena to grow steadily by receiving financial and political support.Chinese Mao’s communist policy Great Leap forward caused severefood shortages in China, forcing China to reconsider its policy onself-reliance (Cohen,2015).His Proletariat cultural revolution had been left in shambles due tothe continuous infightings experienced by those who supported China’sopening to foreign market and those who did not. The Chinese had alsobroken ties with the Soviet and their economy had deteriorated.

Chineseleaders like Zhou Enlai, Deng Xiaoping and Chen Yun tried to reopenties with the outside world. Deng Xiaoping was instrumental inreshaping the economy after Mao’s death by advocating for the fourmodernizations in agriculture, industry, science and technology anddefense. The freedom of speech and expression was also added as thefifth modernization (Cohen2, 2015).Similar strategies were being employed in Japan in their goal to openup to the world through trade.

Despitethe ideological differences, in 1972 China and Japan createddiplomatic relations with the resignation of Japanese pro-Taiwanpremier Sato and entry of new pro-PRC premier Tanaka. The end of theChinese proletariat cultural revolution also normalized the situationin China. This marked the return of full economic and political tiesbetween China and Japan and saw the signing of long term tradeagreement. China now entered into agreements with the USA just likeJapan.


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