Children Miracle Network Hospitals

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ChildrenMiracle Network Hospitals

CraigSorensen happens to be the chief concept officer for Children’sMiracle Network Hospitals. He is given the mandate to provideinnovation strategies, awareness efforts and he also does overseecommunity development.Craig has really become a power force for hehas introduced various innovative steps within the CMN Hospitalssince 1995 which have ensured its growth and expansion. Craig hasbeen a major force to be reckoned with as he has managed to increasethe visibility level of CMN Hospitals. Additionally Craig has beenable to forge various partnerships with other organizations whichinclude with News Corporation, PGA Tour and World Report.

Accordingto Craig, funds that are raised by CM N H do go to more than 100children hospitals that focus only on the treatment of children.These funds do get raised through the selling of paper icons whichare known as miracle balloons and can be purchased at retailers likeGreat Clips and Wal-Mart. These funds that come in do provide theproper treatment and care required for children regardless thecapability of the families ability to pay. Craig has put more focuson new ways of branding the products sold for the raising of funds soas to obtain more funds with the aim to assist more childrenhospitals and also to ensure their mission of improving the lives ofthe children in the hospitals is changed for the better.

Inconclusion, Craig did shed some light on that the Children MiracleNetwork Hospital does not give out loans nor does it take loans, itis an organization that is strictly manage to obtain funds from otherorganizations that offer funds that are for the course of helpingchildren hospitals.

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