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NoExit, inNo Exit and other Three Plays, isa play developed by Jean-Paul Sartre. The play concerns the life ofthree characters Garcin, Inez, and Estelle, who become locked in aroom for eternity by Valet. The three characters had expectedmedieval devices for torturing to punish them, but they instead findthemselves in a plain room. The three argue why they find themselvesin the room but eventually reach to a decision of confessing theircrimes The three characters finally come to realize that they havebeen put together in the room to torment one another. Their openingup came to a conclusion that Garcin became executed since heattempted leaving the country without fighting, Estelle threw her kidoff a balcony, and Inez became killed by a widow she had teased aboutthe woman’s husband’s death. All the three end up laughing byrealizing that they would be in hell forever. This report will focuson character analysis of Garcin.

Garcinis a journalist (pg 5) and is indicated as the first character to beput in the room. One of the characters that can be associated withGarcin is cowardice. Garcin emerges as a coward because he isdepicted to have been shot by a firing squad since he tried to escapeduring a war that is not well described in the play (Sartre 21). Inthe play, play Garcin is also depicted as unfaithful in his marriagebecause he recalls, without a scintilla of sympathy, that he camehome night after night blind drunk, stinking of wine and women andthe wife never cried or even uttered a word of reproach (Sartre 14).

Garcinhas also been portrayed as having a lot of hatred in himself. This isbecause he is shown in the play to have hatred towards Inez becausehe realizes that Inez comprehends his weakness (Sartre 17). However,this is only for sometime because towards the conclusion of the playhe comes to a realization that since Inez knows the meaning ofcowardice and weaknesses he has, it is only absolution at Inez’shands that can redeem him in case redemption is feasible.

Also,Garcin is depicted as a man who cannot let go his past experiences.He looks at his past through his past friends and loved ones who areon earth. He attempts to justify his existence by only contemplatingabout his past experiences. This is depicted in the play where Garcinindicates that his fate is the evaluation of his past actions throughother people (Sartre 23).

Furthermore,in the play, Garcin has been depicted as a man who cannot depend onhis own decisions and fears responsibility. This can be seen in theplay where the door opens and Garcin is unable leaving the room(Sartre 24). He leaves it upon Inez to judge him as well as definehis essence. Garcin is shown as one who cannot handle theresponsibility of confronting his decision in fleeing his country.


Inthe play, NoExit, Garcinis one of the major characters. Garcin is portrayed as a cowardbecause he attempts to free from war rather than fight for hiscountry, which made him become shot by firing squad. He is alsounfaithful to his wife, leaves on his past, and fears responsibility.


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