Central Character in “A

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CentralCharacter in “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

O`Connor`sshort story ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find` revolves around a familyplanning for a vacation and the day of the vacation. The family ismade up of a man a wife and two children as well as the mother. Theessay will discuss the lessons learnt by the characters within thestory.

Thewidest lesson learnt is a good man is hard to find, and it is alesson learned by Misfit, who is a murderer. The Grandmother pretendsto be a charming lady who also prays even at the point of her death.However, when she realizes that she is not to be spared, she revealsthat the killer was her son. She is responsible for the deaths of theentire family as she insists on the visit of an old farm. She alsocarries the cat that makes them have an accident on their way to thefarm hence meeting the killers. It is due to her character thatMisfit tells her that she would be a nice lady if someone wanted toshoot her every day of her life. She reveals the truth at gunpoint.

Thechildren learn that one cannot judge someone by the beginning. Thegrandmother had left a suitor since he brought her watermelons everySaturday. However, the man had bought the Coca-Cola Company and haddied very richly. The man who was destitute eventually becomes rich.The grandmother learns that the confession does not always obtaingrace and redemption. She thought that her revelation that Misfit washer son would make him save her life. However, even after therevelation Misfit goes ahead and shoots her just like any other ofthe family members.

Inconclusion, several characters learn different lessons during theirlittle adventure and in the face of death. It is observable thatthings do not turn out as the character expected and each event leadsto the other.

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