Case Competition Reflection

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CaseCompetition Reflection

Casesimulation exercises

Casesimulation exercises are training meant to train people on how torespond to emergencies whenever they arise. Different situations leadto potential crisis situations that need special attention and skillsthat can only be learnt through training.

WhatI learnt about myself

Throughthe case simulation exercise, I realized that I have a very stronglearning through reflection. The experiences I got enabled me toabsorb several things through hearing, reading and feeling. I alsorealized that do some activities perfectly depending on the situationat hand that needs an immediate response. Finally, I realized that Ican interact with different people through socializing to perform agiven activity that requires immediate attention.

WhatI learnt about my abilities

Ilearnt that I posses the abilities to respond to various problemswhether complex or ambiguous by framing and reframing the emergencyso that I will test the various interpretations I have learnt tomodify my actions in the appropriate manner. I have the abilityextend my thoughts systematically by referring to the actions thathave taken place from the previous periods. In cases of emergency, Iusually apply the skills gathered through training to respond to theemergency activity latter than depending on the groups we are workingwith, with an intention of trying to seek a better way to solve theemergency crisis. Lastly, I have the ability to study and distinguishbetween a wide value of beliefs and values that are crucial insolving an emergency situation. This helps in finding out howdifferent people respond to different situations and the kind of helpI can get from them incase am in need of their support.

WhatI learnt about my strengths

Ihave the strength to manage risks wherever they arise and also risksassociated with the different types of emergencies that arise.Different emergencies have varying degrees of risks that are attachedto them. I can assess how different people perceive the risks thatarise in the course of handling an emergency situation.

Ihave the strength to manage my safety and that of the peoplesurrounding me during the normal times and the emergency times thatleads to a crisis. I am eligible to differentiate my role andposition depending on the situation at hand. An effective response toany emergency depends on the defensive mechanisms that may beavailable in the environment, a condition that I am capable ofanalyzing critically. Lastly, I have the strength to interpret thesimulation analysis depending on the situation at hand. As theemergency scenario unfolds, I have the stamina to identify the gapthat exists between the prescribed and observed actions. Likewise, Itake the ideas of the different specialized observers who may bepresent at the scene of the crisis.


Despitethe strengths and abilities I identified to posses as a person, I aswell noticed several challenges in the simulation exercise. Thedifferent people in a team responding to an emergency have differentperspectives, and it’s hard to know the best and work on it. Thereis also a challenge of communication between the response team, acase that may worsen the situation. There arises a challenge wheresome members of the group fail to cooperate or respect the ideas ofothers a case that may make it hard to accomplish the intendedemergency issue.

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