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Withregard to the bicycle business, the facts are two sided. One analysisis from the seller, Colins Brewster, while other is from theconsumers’ side. The owner of Brewster’s Bicycle Shop, ColinBrewster, admitted that the bicycles he sold referred to asskateboard, and had gone up drastically. More consumers had developedinterest in the bicycle leading to a peak in sales. Dealing withbicycles in the business was turning out to be trendy since Brewstercould hardly keep them in stock. On the other hand, a concernedconsumer group came to his shop having ample evidence. They provedthat skateboards were a hazard to consumer safety.


Asa result of using skateboards, many people had ended up breakingtheir bones and getting involved in accidents. Others suffered fromconcussions that were a direct or indirect result of skateboards thatwere involved in accidents. Brewster defended the skateboards bysaying that how they were put into use is what brought the issue ofunsafety. The committee members expected Brewster to manage theproblem at the level at which he operated. At the retail level, hewas put precaution measures to the skateboards’ advertisements.Watching the gymnastics at a local television had led a child tobreak her arm as she was trying to perform the feats demonstrated.The committee added that Brewster should include the potential harmcaused by the bicycles as part of the advertisements.


Thestakeholders include the manufacturers, retailers and the committeemembers. The manufacturer is the maker of skateboard bicycles. Theretailer in this case is Brewster. The committee members are the onesresponsible for representing customer concerns to Brewster and themanufacturer. The decision that Brewster will make will affect boththe manufacturers of the bicycles and the committee members who arerepresenting the customers.

Alternativesand impact to customers.

Thefirst alternative would be to ignore the committee members and enjoythe high level of the sales of skateboards. This will ensure that thecompany is achieving its sales target goals. On the other hand itwill annoy the committee members all the more. This may lead todestabilization of sales or the closing of the business when thecommittee members do as they had stated to do in a week’s time. Ineffect, this will stop the business of skateboards. The secondalternative would be to caution the customers on the risks involvedwhile cycling the skateboard. This will reduce the sales as well assatisfy the customers’ needs. Eventually, they will adjust toteaching their children on how to use the skateboard.

Thirdly,Brewster should also advertise the hazards that come along with thespeed of skateboards on the television. In the beginning, this willresult to poor sales both to the manufacturers and the retailers. Onthe other hand, this advertising will in a way will be allowing morepeople to be informed about the existence of skateboards. Theircuriosity will lead them to buying the skateboards both for knowledgepurposes and also to satisfy their needs. This will improve sales andrecover the losses incurred at the start of the advertisement. Ineffect, the advertisement will favor Brewster.

Discussionand Analysis based on Ethical Theories

Accordingto utilitarianism, Brewster should caution the buyers to ensure thatthe users of skateboards are first coached appropriately on how touse them using safe precautions. This will mean that the needs of thegreater number are taken care of, leading to fewer accidents. It willalso reduce pressure from the committee members. In relation toethical egoism, Brewster should advise the committee members tocreate an awareness program for parents to teach their children tofirst learn how to use the skateboards. This will ensure that he willcontinually make supernormal profits since the advertisements areleading to increased sales. His self-interests will be upheld.

Whileapplying categorical imperative theory, Brewster should advertise thepotential dangers of using skateboards. This will allow the customersto make informed decisions, while at the same time Brewster will havetreated them as end not means. When the customers feel that theirneeds have been taken care of, they will appreciate the step Brewsterhas taken and continue buying more skateboards. Using distributivejustice as a theory, Brewster would inform the buyers about theadvantages as well as the hazards of using skateboards. He would alsoadvise the committee members to inform parents to teach theirchildren how to use skateboards. This would ensure fairness on bothends. This will lead to application of practical wisdom that willshed ignorance to both Brewster and customers, hence virtue ethics inpractice.

Usingthe virtue ethics theory, as a rational thinker, Brewster shouldevaluate the problem that he is encountering. The emergence ofaccidents is not because the skateboards are bad. It is because theusers do not have a proper guideline on how to use the skateboards.Others may be encountering problems because they haven’t had enoughpractice before they use the bicycle. Brewster should thereforeadvise the committee members to allow him handle the manufacturerhimself. He should advise the manufacturer to supply the skateboardsalong with a guideline on how to use the skateboard. A warning shouldalso be attached to advise the parents teach their children how tohandle the bicycle before they become experts.


Inrelation to all the above theories, Brewster should use thecategorical imperative theory. This will ensure that there is abalance between morality and reason. Based on the goodwill of bothBrewster and the customers, the advertisement should be balanced. Itscontents should balance between the pros and cons of usingskateboards. Proper advertising would allow the parents to buy theskateboards having been informed. On the other hand, they will ensurethat their children are taught properly how to cycle the skateboardsensuring safety to reduce accidents. In the long run, more parentswill buy the skateboards based on the usefulness of them. On theother hand, Brewster and the manufacturers will continue enjoyingsupernormal profits.

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