Carnaval de Quebec 2016

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Carnavalde Quebec 2016



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Differentorganizations have attempted to make their brands, products andevents to be vastly known. This has always been done for the benefitof the organization. Initially such ventures were done using word ofmouth. However, with the advent of technology, promotion of brandsand events became more and more easy. The use of television, printmedia, and radio advertisements has enabled various organizations toreach a numerous customers of interest. These enabled theorganizations to manage booming sales on their products and to havelarge turnouts at their events. Currently, the growth of socialmedia sites has led to further globalization. It has been possible toreach millions of people across different websites and networks.People that are always online get to communicate with others fromdifferent locations in real time. This messages, pictures, and videoscan be shared easily and rapidly. This made the organizations focuson promoting their brands on such social media sites. The main sitesthat are involved include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.Online blogs are also another means that organizations use to promotetheir products and brands. By doing this, the organizations canpromote their products worldly as many people will be involved in theonline conversations about such products and thus the message will bespread. This is because word of mouth still is the most effectivemeans of promoting a product or an event and the use of these socialmedia sites enhances the use of this approach. For an organization tomake substantial progress when it comes to promoting their event,there are several strategies that have to be followed (Roberts &ampZahay, 2012). These strategies are further discussed below.


Facebookhas over one billion active users at this moment. These users alwayspost an update or a picture every single day. Carnaval de Quebec hasattempted to implement various social media strategies so that theycan reach many people. For Carnaval to reach all these people, theywould first have to create a Facebook page. By posting exciting andinformative updates, the page will be able to get a larger fan baseand, therefore, more likes. This would enable more people to get thenecessary information that the Carnaval chooses to share. When thishappens, the message will be widely spread, and thus, the brand’sreputation would grow at an exponential rate. For Twitter, theorganization should create a Twitter username with a handle that hasthe organization’s name. The same approach can be used here. ThisTwitter account will focus on the use of short, simple messages thataptly describe the brand that is being promoted. Thus, within a shortperiod, the account will be able to gain more followers who canaccess all the tweets coming from it. This would further promote thebrand’s reputation as the information would spread like wildfire.On Instagram, Carnaval has also created their account that keeps themin touch with their customers. Here, its Instagram account shouldfocus on posting pictures that aptly describe the brand’s qualities(Boyd, et al. 2012). The more pictures that are posted, the morefollowers this account will get. On YouTube, the organization shouldcreate a YouTube channel and from here, they can post educativevideos that focus on the qualities of the brands being promoted. Themore they do this, the more such videos will be viewed, and thechannel will grow in the number of subscribers. The organizationshould also maintain an online blog that focuses on fine details ofthe brand’s qualities. This is because blogs have no limit to anumber of characters one can type unlike for the social media sites.The link to this blog can be frequently shared on the differentsocial accounts. Online users would thus be able to read these blogsby accessing these links. A dedicated team who will ensure that theywork every single minute of the day should run all these accounts andblogs. This would guarantee that any online user who has questions ordoubts about the brand could be answered within no time. Theefficiency of the online process would promote the accountsreputation and, therefore, the brand’s name would be further built(Evans, 2012).

IncreasingCustomer Satisfaction

Customersatisfaction can be greatly increased by social media and onlinemarketing. By having a social network account, an organization wouldensure that they could easily communicate with millions of potentialcustomers. This is because online communication is very fast andconvenient. A customer would be able to ask any question, getassistance or even offer a complaint through the social mediaaccounts. Once the organization has an around the online clock team,that customer will have their feedback in a very short span of time.This would have the customer feeling that his or her needs are fullymet, and they will have more faith in the organization (Evans, 2012).


DrivingWord-of-Mouth Recommendations

Word-of-mouthrecommendation is easily boosted in the online media sites. Once thesocial network accounts that have been set up by an organization orcompany begin posting updates, tweets, pictures and videos aboutitself and the products they promote, these messages would be sharedand retweeted widely so that many more people will get to see. Thus,there will be more discussion about the organization and its productsleading to more people passing the information through word of mouth.

Ideasfor New Products and Services

Afterthese online accounts have already been set up, a lot of informationcan be obtained from them. This is because many people post andcomment on social media about their likes and preferences. What theyconsider good and what is just average. There is a huge craze inhaving the most popular or trendy item. By scouring these socialsites, the organization can be able to get the mood of the targetpopulation. This can make them come up with new products and diverseways of service provision.


Throughonline marketing via the use of social media, clues and leads on theperformance of products and brands can easily be obtained. Readingand seeing people’s posts and pictures, the organization can get anidea of how their products are received. This can make them developnew ways or alter some processes so that they give the consumers whatthey want. They can also get information from their competitors andfind out if they are failing to outdo them or not. This is crucial inmaking sure that the organization is always on its feet to ensure itnever slacks in their performance.

CrisisManagement and Public Relation Integration with Advertising

Itis also evident that crisis management is another critical part thatan organization should have. This can be because of a poor ordefective product being sent to the market. The organization canquickly communicate to the consumers through the use of social medianetworks. This makes quickens the communication and ensures a fullrecall before a disaster happens. When public relations becomesintegrated with this online advertising, handling of crises becomesmuch simpler as the customers, and the population, in general, can bequickly reached to ensure they do not lose their trust and faith inthe organization (Lubasch, 2012).

SearchEngine Optimization

SearchEngine Optimization is a process done to ensure a website is morevisible by an internet search engine and a web crawler. This isthrough ensuring that a specific website is among the top resultsthat are located once a user searches for specific key words on thesearch engine. This process is important since most people visit thewebsites that are usually the top results. To ensure anorganization’s website is among the top results, HTML coding isusually done to match the specific search engine that most peopleuse, mainly Google and Bing. The description of the organization’sbrand or product should be done well enough so that most words thatare searched for by users would trigger the website as one of theresults. This process would ensure more and more people get to knowmore about the organization and what the organization has to offer(Lubasch, 2012).

Carnavalde Quebec

Carnavalde Quebec, also known as Quebec Winter Carnival, is a two-week eventthat usually begins at the end of January to the middle of February.In 2016, the event will take place from Friday the 29 in January toSunday the 14 of February. This highly attended festival usuallyconsists of a multitude of attractions. The most famous ones includethe parades led by the mascot known as Bonhomme Carnaval. There arealso numerous parties and balls that are held during this time.Sporting events that mainly involve winter sports also take place.This event, held in Quebec City, began in the year 1894 and had grownto be the largest winter festival in the world (Dodds &amp Graci,2012).

OptimalTarget Audience for Carnaval de Quebec 2016

Knowingthe target audience that a marketing strategy aims to reach is veryimportant for this event. This would ensure that the strategyemployed would ensure that the interests of this target audience arefully met, and none is left out. The steps involved in understandingthe target audience involve the following points.

Settingup questions

Thisinvolves setting up specific questions that would dig deep anduncover valuable information about the target audience. Suchquestions should focus on factors like their professional titles themotivations that can make them come to the event the way they viewinformation obtained from the internet and their ability to makedecisions.

Gatheringthe data obtained

Onceall the data is collected, a compilation of this data is important toprocess it into relevant information. This creates traits andpatterns and ensures one knows the target audience that the eventwill focus on.

Askingrelevant sales and marketing experts for further assistance

Theseexperts would be able to add more insight and experience to theinformation obtained on the target audience. This would ensure thata comprehensive idea on the audience intended is set up in a coherentmanner, and this would help in setting up the necessary marketingstrategy.

Thetarget audience for this winter festival would be people between theages of 21 to around 44 years old. This consists of a vibrant groupof people who are fully exposed to the use of social networking andare advent, online users. Such people spend an average of 14 hoursevery week online. They can, therefore, be easily accessed throughthe online marketing strategy. The use of social media accounts togenerate mass exposure for this event would be very effective. They,in turn, would look for more information through the blogs that areset up and they would determine the main events and attractions thatwould be fascinating to them. This group is very convenient since itconsists of young adults who can make their decisions. Relevantinformation that they obtain online would be spread to the other agegroups through word of mouth (Ryan, 2014). Thus, information aboutthe winter carnival would be spread among many people.

Aspectsof their Travel

Thetarget audience would mainly seek thrills and sights that are highlyexciting. The online accounts could set up links for every specificevent and attraction in the winter carnival. This would make it easyfor every single person in this target audience to locate easilyinformation for a specific event they may be interested in. Theselinks should lead to blogs that are both fully detailed and colorfulenough with descriptive pictures that would attract many people. Thesocial media accounts should also be handled around the clock toensure any queries from the target audience would be handled quicklyand efficiently (Heymann-Reder, 2012). Internet access should beavailable at every spot at the grounds where the winter festival willbe held. This would be to ensure that real-time communication is madepossible whereby the target audience can be efficiently assisted ordirected accordingly (Dodds &amp Graci, 2012).

MediaMarketing Strategies for Carnaval de Quebec 2016

Oncethe organizers of this event flood the social media using differentofficial accounts for the different sites, the marketing strategy forthis event would be well underway. The Facebook page should have atleast a post every two hours. These posts should be descriptive ofthe upcoming event while promoting the major attractions that wouldbe available. Various pictures that display previous attractions andhow they occurred could accompany such posts. This would make morepeople to show more interest in the event. The Twitter account shouldhave a tweet every hour giving short, simple descriptive tweets(Borza, et al. 2014). Hashtags should be employed to make more peopletalk about the event under a trending topic. Pictures can alsoaccompany some of the tweets. When more of these tweets are seen,more people will be talking about it online, and therefore, the eventwill be further promoted. The Instagram account should also havefrequent picture posts preferably every 30 minutes under specifichashtags. This would create awareness and relevance. The YouTubechannel should also post videos, at least, one every two days. Thesevideos should be related to previous events that were held over theyears. Each of these social media accounts should also share links toblogs and to other sites where more people can obtain furtherinformation about the event (Dodds &amp Graci, 2012).


Allthe social media accounts that would be set up would ensure that allthe necessary information about this event would be easily accessibleand able to reach a large span of online users. The use of onlinemarketing strategy for the Carnaval de Quebec would achieve intargeting the specific audience that is selected. They, in turn,would reach more people and thus they would spread the informationacross the entire globe. The online marketing strategy could also useonline bookings that would make it more convenient for the people whoare planning to attend it. By following all these steps, the eventwould be the most successful Carnaval de Quebec ever.


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