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Every day young families become vulnerable to risk factors in aneffort to improve their lives by living in America. The case study ofa young family with a new baby that plans to move to a saferapartment despite being uncertain of the resources is an example ofrisk factors that families go through. A job promotion, whichpromises a good future and better life, is not always certainespecially when dealing with factors like marginalization or healthchallenges. Having a young child means that parents have to be readyfor extra medical expenses during clinics and medical checkups untilthe child becomes of age. The increased expenses and desire to have abetter life create a tough situation for new parents who despitewanting a safer life for their child are unable to provide it. Itbecomes tougher when they face marginalization because of theirdifferent culture.

Marginalization due to multicultural issues is a critical issueespecially for people of different cultures moving to America.Different cultures continue to experience marginalization in placesof employment and even health facilities. According to Nielson andSilverman (2009), as compared to whites, people from differentcultures are more likely to work in lower income jobs and suffer fromill health. In most cases, the whites are given the first priorityleaving out the Hispanics and blacks who also have needs to meet.

There is a dire need to minimize marginalization in America. Tostart with, Americans need to be sensitized about the equal rights ofall citizens. Secondly creating culture awareness is imperative whilediscouraging any acts of prejudice. Encouraging cultural diversity inwork places, hospitals, homes and apartments is a great way ofletting different cultures interact and learn to live harmoniouslyasserts Nielson and Silverman (2009). The state should implementpolicies that deal with discrimination seriously. Firm measures forthose found discriminating others should also be implemented to helpfight marginalization.


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