Career Action Plan

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CareerAction Plan

CareerAction Plan

Acareer plan outlines professional objectives and job opportunitiesthat one intends to pursue. In this paper, I will discuss my careerplan, with a focus on professional goals, skills that I currentlypossess, skills that I intend to change, and ways of achievingprofessional goals.


Goal1: I want to join the top administrative teams of assisted livingfacilities

Goal3: I want to integrate evidence-based practices into the field oflong-term senior care.

Goal3: I want to be an agent of change in terms of applying technology toenhance serving seniors in assisted living facilities.

  1. Self awareness

  1. Professional strengths

  1. Team player

  2. High leadership capability

  1. Personal strengths

  1. Hardworking

  2. Success oriented

  1. Professional weaknesses

  1. Find it difficult to turn work off

  1. Self-analytic

  1. Personal weaknesses

  1. Too sensitive

  2. Easily distracted

  1. I look forward to a job opportunity that will allow me to work in collaboration with other professionals. My leadership capability allows me to influence my juniors and help them pursue the vision held by the organization or a work team. Although I find it challenging to balance work and life and turn off tasks, these weaknesses help me finish all tasks in time. My being self-analytical reduces my efficiency at times, but it helps me discover and correct errors in time.

  1. Ideal next objective

  1. Required competencies

  1. Health Care Administration Degree

  2. Master’s of Science in Nursing

  1. Compensation requirements

  1. Basic salary of at least the industry average for the job position

  2. Employee benefits, including health insurance and tuition responsibility

  1. Company culture

  1. Social culture: encourage teamwork as well as collaboration

  2. Innovative culture: Encourage deviation from the standard rules and creativity

  1. Compromises

  1. Ready to take up a job without all employment benefits

  2. Ready to work in any state, including those that are far from my home state

  1. Gap analysis, plan, and execution

  1. Credentials

  1. Diploma in secretarial

  2. Certified New Jersey Assisted Living Administrator

  1. Responsibilities

  1. Coordination of staff scheduling

  2. Providing support and outreach to families of older adults

  1. Accomplishments

  1. Scheduling doctor visits for all seniors in the facility successfully

  2. Holding support group meetings for families of seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s disease

  1. Career management gaps

  1. Health care administration skills

  2. Nurse practitioner degree

  1. Personal marketing

  1. Resume





ResidentCare Coordinator for all residents care and needs. Coordinatestaffing schedules, care plan meeting, doctor visits and coordinatesall outside services. Conducts family care plan meetings, valuatesresident’s participation in house activities and trips.



ReminiscenceCoordinator for residents care and needs, dealing with families. Iheld support groups for families which I am certified for by theAlzheimer’s Association. I prepared schedules for 25 HHA’s andCNA’s for which I was in charge. I wrote general service plans foreach resident.

2003- 2005


Iwas the Assisted Living Coordinator I took care of the needs of theresidents. I prepared the general service plans for the residents. Schedule the care managers, over-seeing the dining room, and havingfamily meetings to discuss level of care of their loved ones.

2003- 2000


Iwas the Reminiscence Coordinator my responsibilities including theoverall management and success of the Reminiscence Neighborhood. These responsibilities include enduring excellence in the residentcare and programming, providing outreach and support to families,hiring and retaining dedicated care managers, facilitating ongoingtraining and educational opportunities for staff and families.

2000- 1997


Icared for the residents by taking vitals, reporting to the chargenurse and recording and documenting any changes in residents.

1997- 1990


Iwas a certified nursing assistant caring for all patients needs.

1989- 1990


Iperformed secretarial duties such as typing, shorthand and schedulingappointments for the supervisor.

1989- 1986


Secretaryto the Vice President duties were taking dictation, typing lettersand scheduling appointments and setting up meetings. I alsoscheduled make-goods for preempted TV programs.

1986- 1981




Graduatedfrom Naparima Girls High School, Trinidad, West Indies

Merchantsand Bankers Business &amp Secretarial School

Graduatedwith a secretarial diploma

Universityof Phoenix

KingsBorough Community College


CertifiedNew Jersey Assisted Living Administrator

AdministrativeAssistance Experience

Associatesof Arts Degree-Health Care Administration


References: Debbie Corwin, Community Relations Director Telephone

GailSpencer, Executive Director Telephone

  1. Cover letter

  2. Networking

  1. Joining professional organizations

  2. Social media networking

  1. Interviewing techniques and skills

  1. Adequate preparation

  2. Tailoring a personal story to the job

  1. Periodic career audit

  1. How often to evaluate career plan

Every18 months

  1. What affect career plans?

  1. Industry changes

  2. Level of skills as well as abilities

Answersto questions


Iwould like to serve as an administrator, working with assisted livingfacilities. In addition, I intend to integrate the concept ofevidence-practices as an administrator in the assisted livingfacilities. The evidence-based will enhance the quality of care andcapacity of the stakeholders to address emerging challenges(Crandall, White, Schuldheis, &amp Amann, 2007). Lastly, I wouldlike to be an agent of change and advocate for the use of technologyto help the seniors` access quality care.

Typeof job in the health care

Iwould like to become an administrator at an assisted living facility.This job position will help me influence the process of policydevelopment and formulation of strategies that will ensure thatseniors get quality care.


Currently,I possess leadership, team building, analytical, communication, andinterpersonal skills, which I have gained through education andworking in different institutions, such as Esplanade at ChestnutRidge and Sunrise Assisted Living of Cresskill.

Skillsthat need to be changed

Ineed to advance my administrative skills by pursuing a health careadministrative degree. This will prepare me the administrative rolesin senior living facilities.

Plansto achieve professional goals

Iwill achieve my professional goals by advanced academicqualifications and networking with people who are already working asadministrators in the relevant institutions.

Professionalorganizations that can help achieve the goals

TheAmerican Assisted Living Nurse Association is a professionalorganization from which I will draw inspiration and empowerment toachieve my professional goals.

Benefitsof career plan

Thecareer plan provided an opportunity to explore opportunities in thehealth care sector and select one that fits a personal lifestyle anddesires. In additional, the career plan is motivating in naturebecause it outlines all priorities that I want to achieve, whichreduce confusion.


Crandall,G., White, L., Schuldheis, S., &amp Amann, K. (2007). Initiatingperson-centered care practices. Journalof Gerontological Nursing,1, 47-55.

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