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Businessethics refers to moral principles that need to be applied in abusiness setup. These principles are common to almost all kinds ofbusinesses. It is important to note that ethics apply to allemployees starting from the management to the lowest level employee.The leadership management is the one which plays the most importantrole, that is, transformational and ethical leadership because thejunior staff emulates them,ethicalfirms attract educated employees needed to develop sustainableproducts, which attracts socially conscious consumers and investorstherefore making business ethics basic requirement for the success ofa business (Solomon,1992).

Edmontonhair chemical manufacturing company is a company that was founded in1998 by Jeremy green and Zachariah bakali as the co-founders. Thecompany is a recognized and registered asset. It majors inmanufacturing beauty hair products. It started with a population offifteen employees that has now grown to one hundred and twenty. Thecompany is led by two principles, one: ”Thecustomer is always right”and two: ”Motivationrejuvenates potential”.

Themotivation behind these principles is that for the first one, thecompany takes customer view and complaints very seriously. Annually,the company conducts a statistic using online questionnaires askingthe customers to rate its products and give their views (Román,2003). This is all in an effort to satisfy our customers in the best waypossible and help us in our customer experience improvement program,actually the company was ranked among the top manufacturing companiesaccording to the national auditors report last year 2014.This year bythe close of business, we expect to have risen the ranks. This riseis attributed to the way the company performs it businesses(how wellthe customer is serviced and how close is the customer to thecompany).We have a number of customer care personnel that deal willcustomer queries directly and offer first hand advice accordingly.The company is going to launch an online purchase platform that willenable door to door delivery of customer products. As a result of ourefforts, the company has been experiencing consistent increment inpopularity and profits ever since it was started (Román,2003).

Thesecond principle is employee oriented. With the ever rising marketbase, the company is on the upstream in employee recruitment, therecruitment process is a rigorous one as we receive hundreds ofapplications whenever we post a job vacancy, the selection process isalways free and fair and is based on purely academic and competencegrounds where we test for the interviewee’s intelligence by givingthem an aptitude test we also test their reasoning by asking themtheir view on real world challenges, the qualified are selected andthe others are kindly notified to try again whenever opportunityarises. On that note, the company also offers internshipopportunities for fresh graduates that have done a related coursethat we require, the selection process is as above but those whoprove to be quick learners and passionate about working for thecompany are given direct employment after the internship periodexpires, it is important to note that during this period the internsare given specialized training to make them learn quicker andcompetent. We pay our employees reasonable salaries as we believethat motivation rejuvenate potential, this has proved to work well aswe have received minimal complaints from our customer with regards toour employees’ conduct, rogue employees are disciplined accordingto the company policy and also the weight and intention of what hewas up to. Every new employee including interns are given a personalaccident cover that insures them against any kind of accident thatmay occur to them while in their place of work, head managementoffers transformational and ethical leadership (Leading by example)by embracing transparency and coming up with policies that havedriven the company to its current status, this has been emulated bythe employees as they feel at home at and that they can freelyinteract with the top management more flexibly (Karnes,2009).Promotions and performance appraisals are also done in the mosttransparent manner possible, they are based on the employees’individual performances and discipline. It is also important to notethat every employee receives a ten percent salary increment at theend of every financial year. The company also holds an end of yearChristmas party. In the beginning of every financial year, thecompany sets its targets for the year, the company has been able toachieve these targets over the years and in recent years surpassed.The company gives every employee a bonus at the end of the financialyear, this has proved to motivate them to give their best (Karnes,2009).

Withregards to social responsibility, the company has partnered with ARCinsurance company to sponsor the Edmonton half marathon, a twenty onekilometer marathon that is aimed to bring people together to preservethe Alberta River, and its water catchment areas from humanencroachment (it is one of the sources of water for Edmonton city)(Albert Environment and Parks, Sept 2015). We chose on thiscorporate responsibility because we recognize the need to preserveand protect our environment as environment preservation has become aworld issue (Epstein,1987). Our company being a manufacturing company, the hair products weproduce are not exempted from polluting the environment, bearing thatin mind, the company has purchased sophisticated equipment thatfilters the harmful fumes releasing the harmless gas to the air. Theharmful products are collected and damped into areas reserved fordumping wastes by the government. It is also important to mentionthat the company has completely no political affiliations.

Ina nut shell, Edmonton hair chemical manufacturing company is anethical firm that is built upon profit making and human values as itscore principles. With its able management and profit making record,it is clear that the company is a viable investment any investorwould be interested to cash his money in.


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