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‘Attention…As Apple inc. we recognize the need to promotetechnology in school and want to give our children the best platformsto learn and get interactive in this digital era. As a result, we aredonating 200 ipads to the local inner-city school with an aim ofhelping students familiarize themselves with current technology. Weurge you to join us in this event as we uplift our young generationto a become experts technologically.’

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….Apple inc. is one of the most innovative companies of our timesleading in ipad, iphone, Mac amongst other technological appliances(Apple.com. 2015). Its efforts to see technology advance and meeteveryone’s needs cannot be overlooked. Currently we as the Applecompany are donating 200 ipads to a local inner city school with anaim of promoting technology in education. We understand the criticalrole that technology plays in today’s digital era and are willingto go to any length our children benefit from technology especiallyin their studies. With the ipads, children will be able to store,type and record useful information at a faster and simpler way makinglearning an exciting experience. Apple inc. is committed to improvingthe lives of people from all ages either young or old. Kindly join usas we carry out this initiative to promote technology in education.

Discussion 2

Taking this course has significantly influenced my perspective onthe role of technology in education. I now appreciate the fact thattechnology is critical for improving learning and is a great way ofmaking learning a fun and enjoyable experience. With this knowledge,I am ready to face the competitive digital world where technology isapplicable to every sector. With technological competence, I amready to progress in my future career without any difficulties.


Apple inc. (2015). Apple, retrieved from apple.com

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