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Discussion 1

Organizations have different types of waste and should developeffective ways of dealing with it for better service delivery. Threedifferent types of waste I observed at Pearl surprise firm wereinaccurate information, overproduction and waiting time. Inaccurateinformation was passed down from the director to employees causingconfusion in the work schedule. There was overproduction of giftsespecially cards and clients had to wait longer to be attended to.Lean strategies to confront inaccurate information would be improvedcommunication and elimination of waste like overproduction andwaiting time.

Lean services found in Airlines differ. Southwest airlines forexample operates differently from the United airlines and Britishairways. When it comes to the boarding process Southwest airlinepassengers stand in line of boarding priority such as ABC while forUnites Airlines they board according to class with the first classseating at the assigned front row. The cabin crew for Southwest haveshorter flights thus have no time for in-flight meals (Smyth andPearce, 2006) while British/ United airlines offer meals due to longflight distances. Luggage for Southwest passengers is not chargedwhile for United airlines it is charged and checked.

Southwest offers ticketless travel while Unite airline requirespaper and electronic tickets. Southwest are less complicated and canallow passengers to use their ticket in another flight if they missone while United airlines are complex requiring rebooking and strictreservation procedures (Smyth and Pearce, 2006). I would recommendthat airline carriers improve lean operations on speed and qualitythrough developing faster efficient customer responses and creatingquick access to their websites for more enquiries.

Discussion 2

Companies use CPM and PERT to manage projects and ensure that thegoals are met in a timely manner. Critical path method entails timemanagement to complete tasks. Jenna’s coffee house for exampleemploys CPM to ensure that employees complete tasks like preparingcoffee, and selling all of the coffee to clients in the shortesttime. Through giving some employees the role of serving customer, asothers take orders and others prepare the coffee, the coffee shopmanages to work on all tasks in a timely manner. It reduces timewastage and waiting on the customers part. Elsewhere programevaluation and review technique emphasizes the relationship betweentime and costs of each activity ensuring that they are completed in atimely manner. The good year tyre company used PERT to manage majormanufacturing projects ensuring planning and scheduling waseffective.

Discussion 3

Different operational management operations that can make businessmore profitable today include

  • Focusing on the customer

  • Figuring out how to complete work/project

  • Eliminating waste and reducing costs

  • Focusing on the real saving dollar

  • Empowering those operating the process

  • Relying on a systematic methodology (Rykrsmith, 2013)

Delta fiber is a technological service company offering internetservices to many clients. However recently the company has beenfacing challenges like poor customer care, over charged rates andsacking employees. They need to shift their focus on customersthrough offering efficient customer care services and charge fairrates as well as avoid firing employees rather empower them foroperational purposes.

Discussion 4

Last month I was dissatisfied after buying a soft drink that hadexpired from a local supermarket. The defective product wasted mymoney and did not quench my thirst because it had already expired. Toimprove poor services like selling defective products, I suggest thatthe company develops strict measures to check all products and theirexpiry dates before putting them on shelves. All expired productsshould be removed from shelves to avoid harming customers andcreating poor customer service to clients.


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